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1 qst703001_msg0001 84 My lords and ladies, I'm sorry to trouble you, but I was wondering if you could help me with something.
2 qst703001_msg0002 84 What with Your Majesty and Prince Addam out on campaign...
3 qst703001_msg0003 84 It has been decided that I will confer with a special envoy from Gormott.
4 qst703001_msg0004 84 Given that our Ardainian Titan has been showing signs of decline, it's important that we act now.
5 qst703001_msg0005 84 I plan to air my opinion on the future of both our countries.
6 qst703001_msg0006 84 Our conference was to be aboard this flagship, and the envoy was to come from the White Chair in Gormott...
7 qst703001_msg0007 84 But he has not arrived.
8 qst703001_msg0008 84 To get here from the White Chair, it's necessary to pass through the Hoary Weald...
9 qst703001_msg0009 84 A dangerous place... We assume something happened to the envoy there.
10 qst703001_msg0010 84 However, we do not have the military resources to mount a full search of the Hoary Weald.
11 qst703001_msg0011 84 Therefore, I thought that I might burden you with this request.
12 qst703001_msg0012 84 Please, go to the Hoary Weald and search for the Gormotti special envoy.
13 qst703001_msg0013 84 Sorry for this sudden request, but I would not trouble you had I any other option.
14 qst703001_msg0101 84 Now that I think of it, I should probably have sent him to Bathein...