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1 qst702805_msg0001 84 We all know just how passionate you are about your work, Morumo.
2 qst702805_msg0002 84 Tell us about this dream of yours. It must be something very special if you're willing to go to such lengths.
3 qst702805_msg0003 84 ...
4 qst702805_msg0004 84 The shopping ward... It everything to Morumo.
5 qst702805_msg0005 84 Dream of Morumo is to turn it into biggest trade center in Alrest! Better even than Pyrithium Trade Guild!
6 qst702805_msg0006 84 And to achieve that dream, you'd enter into all sorts of shady deals, no matter what anyone thinks of you?
7 qst702805_msg0007 84 Morumo need money to make dream come true! Is not question of right or wrong. Is necessity!
8 qst702805_msg0008 84 Save it, Morumo. You preaching to wrong crowd.
9 qst702805_msg0009 84 It not matter how beautiful your dream is. Underhanded methods never result in good outcome!
10 qst702805_msg0010 84 Who you to lecture Morumo! You not my mamapon!
11 qst702805_msg0011 84 Sadly, not worth effort to tell name to dumdums like Morumo. Get ready for spankings!
12 qst702805_msg0012 84 Hold on, Macmac.
13 qst702805_msg0013 84 What? Why?!
14 qst702805_msg0014 84 You said it yourself.
15 qst702805_msg0015 84 If you want to claim the moral high ground, you can't take justice into your own hands.
16 qst702805_msg0016 84 I think even the villain of the piece understands this now. Don't you, Morumo?
17 qst702805_msg0017 84 Stop. Morumo betrayed hero-hero- friends. Not deserve your sympathy.
18 qst702805_msg0018 84 Morumo know what Morumo did was wrong, OK? Only choice to pay with own life! Meeeeeeeeh!!!
19 qst702805_msg0019 84 Boss!!
20 qst702805_msg0020 84 What are you doing up there?! It's dangerous!
21 qst702805_msg0021 84 ...Meh meh?
22 qst702805_msg0022 84 Boss angry cause Popolo ate Boss's share of fluffy potatoes? Popolo never do it again, swear on life!
23 qst702805_msg0023 84 I don't know what on Alrest compelled you to do this, but we all owe our lives to you!
24 qst702805_msg0024 84 Let us help you for once, you silly oaf! We're always here when you need a shoulder to lean on!
25 qst702805_msg0025 84 We'll overlook your misdemeanors this time, Morumo. You can start over with a clean slate.
26 qst702805_msg0026 84 Meh meh?! But...why...
27 qst702805_msg0027 84 I want you to become a successful entrepreneur. Just keep it above board this time, OK?
28 qst702805_msg0028 84 That can be your atonement. By all accounts, it won't be easy.
29 qst702805_msg0029 84 But whatever trials lie ahead of you, just remember the one, most important thing. Remember that you're not alone.
30 qst702805_msg0030 84 Ohh, Prince Addam...
31 qst702805_msg0031 84 Meh...meh... Morumo is so very sorry!!!
32 qst702805_msg0032 84 Macmac, you know those Red Pollen Orbs we seized?
33 qst702805_msg0033 84 We just "happened" to find them lying around, didn't we?
34 qst702805_msg0034 84 Prince Addam, you too soft on dumdums. Softer than fluffy potato mash!
35 qst702805_msg0035 84 But Macmac understand. Justice of Lord Addam is justice of Macmac too.
36 qst702805_msg0036 84 Macmac take full responsibility of dumdum Morumo and make sure he backwinged into reputable tradespon!
37 qst702805_msg0037 84 Meh meh?! Macmac do what?!