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1 qst702804_msg0001 84 Meh-meh?!
2 qst702804_msg0002 84 Morumo impressed, really. Even in midst of battle, have been admiring way hero-hero-friends fight...
3 qst702804_msg0003 84 So you've finally given up?
4 qst702804_msg0004 84 No! Morumo never give up! Dream of Morumo never come true by giving up!
5 qst702804_msg0005 84 Meh-meh-MEH-meh-MEHHH!!!
6 qst702804_msg0006 84 Now hold on!
7 qst702804_msg0007 84 We have to stop him! He's going to fall and get himself hurt!
8 qst702804_msg0008 84 If he hurts himself, it's his own dumb fault!
9 qst702804_msg0009 84 I know, but still...
10 qst702804_msg0010 84 Don't worry. He won't get far, not on this scaffolding.
11 qst702804_msg0011 84 I suppose we'll have to track him as carefully as we can, then.
12 qst702804_msg0012 84 Yeah? I'm not exactly seeing a path ahead...
13 qst702804_msg0013 84 We could always leave you behind.
14 qst702804_msg0014 84 What? That's not what I- No one is leaving me behind!