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1 qst702605_msg0001 84 Huh? A job?
2 qst702605_msg0002 84 So you just want me to fix up your Fortune-Findermatron 4000, is that it?
3 qst702605_msg0003 84 I'll give it a go, but I'm not really good at stuff that doesn't involve bugs.
4 qst702605_msg0004 84 If that's OK, then I'm happy to take a look.
5 qst702605_msg0005 165 Entrust it to Marcus?
6 qst702605_msg0006 165 Sure, I trust him
7 qst702605_msg0007 165 No, he should stick to bugs
8 qst702605_msg0008 84 Finished! I customized it a little to my personal tastes.
9 qst702605_msg0009 84 And I renamed it the Golden Scorpion.
10 qst702605_msg0010 84 I'm sure you don't mind.
11 qst702605_msg0011 84 Why don't you go try it out in the Dannagh Desert now?
12 qst702605_msg0012 84 Probs for the best. I'm pretty busy. Why not find someone who's more of an expert on things like this than I am?
13 qst702605_msg0101 84 How d'you like the Golden Scorpion?
14 qst702605_msg0102 84 If you haven't tried it out yet, get yourselves to the Dannagh Desert and give it a go!