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1 qst702604_msg0001 84 A machine for discovering buried treasure in the Dannagh Desert?!
2 qst702604_msg0002 84 One could use all the resources Torna has at its disposal and not come close to constructing a machine like this.
3 qst702604_msg0003 84 Though, when salvage is considered, I suppose you cannot say that it is definitively impossible.
4 qst702604_msg0004 84 Fascinating!
5 qst702604_msg0005 84 Leave it with me and I shall deliver to you the...Gideon Goldamatron 5000!
6 qst702604_msg0006 165 Entrust it to Gideon?
7 qst702604_msg0007 165 Yes, he seems like a stable fellow
8 qst702604_msg0008 165 No, I don't think that's a good idea
9 qst702604_msg0009 84 Woop woop! I present to you the Gideon Goldamatron 5000!
10 qst702604_msg0010 84 Right, off you toddle to the Dannagh Desert to try it out!
11 qst702604_msg0011 84 No need to report back.
12 qst702604_msg0012 84 I am completely confident in its ability to deliver! Hee hoo hoo!
13 qst702604_msg0013 84 I beg your pardon?
14 qst702604_msg0014 84 Think again, you unappreciators of genius!
15 qst702604_msg0015 84 Who else would you entrust with this task but I, the greatest inventor in the capital - no, the country?!
16 qst702604_msg0101 84 Right, off you toddle to the Dannagh Desert to put the Gideon Goldamatron 5000 through its paces!