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1 qst702505_msg0001 84 Prince Addam! Emperor Hugo!
2 qst702505_msg0002 84 We are so very sorry to have beleaguered you with such trouble! I assure you, it won't happen again!
3 qst702505_msg0003 84 Don't stand on ceremony so much, Kaleena! Anyhow, the damage doesn't seem to be too great.
4 qst702505_msg0004 84 Right, Hugo?
5 qst702505_msg0005 84 It is so. The war-novices were ably defended, despite our numbers.
6 qst702505_msg0006 84 There were a few breaches, mind...
7 qst702505_msg0007 84 It's alright. The important thing is that you and Kaleena are alive and well.
8 qst702505_msg0008 84 You did a great job and you're both still in one piece. Don't be so hard on yourself.
9 qst702505_msg0009 84 Your Majesty!
10 qst702505_msg0010 84 That means a lot to me, Your Majesty. If only I had your wisdom and bravery...
11 qst702505_msg0011 84 Then maybe I'd be able to do a bit more to help my prince and my people.
12 qst702505_msg0012 84 Noowl... Don't do yourself down. You are brave.
13 qst702505_msg0013 84 Noowl's right, Your Majesty. He hasn't a hope of holding a candle to your qualities.
14 qst702505_msg0014 84 Thanks, Kaleena. Really nicely put, that is.
15 qst702505_msg0021 84 But, anyway... I felt like I witnessed true heroes in action today. Keep that up, and Malos doesn't have a chance!
16 qst702505_msg0022 84 We aren't as powerful as you, Prince Addam, but when the time comes, we'll give everything we've got.
17 qst702505_msg0023 84 That's right. We believe in you, Prince Addam. You're the one that can create a peaceful future for us.
18 qst702505_msg0024 84 I really appreciate that... I promise to do everything I can to make that future a reality.
19 qst702505_msg0025 84 The cares hang heavy on your face, Prince.
20 qst702505_msg0026 84 Well...I'm pleased that they trust me, but from time to time...I wonder if they're wise to do so.
21 qst702505_msg0027 84 I don't know if I can live up to this ideal that everyone has of me.
22 qst702505_msg0028 84 I'm only human...not a god. I come up against my limits every single day.
23 qst702505_msg0029 84 Mortal men, and not divine. But set apart by blood and nobility.
24 qst702505_msg0030 84 Prince Addam. You should hold up your head with pride before the people. Resolute and unbowed.
25 qst702505_msg0031 84 Such is the burden of one who leads his people.
26 qst702505_msg0032 84 A heavy burden indeed.
27 qst702505_msg0033 84 But, that's the way it is.
28 qst702505_msg0034 84 Yeah. Not many people realize that it's tough to be royal. It's about the biggest responsibility you can shoulder.
29 qst702505_msg0035 84 But at least you don't have to bear it alone.
30 qst702505_msg0036 84 Some things will always be difficult. But whatever's heavy can be made lighter when friends help to carry it.
31 qst702505_msg0037 84 Wise words, Lora.
32 qst702505_msg0038 84 I knew you'd say something like that.
33 qst702505_msg0039 84 Oh, Lady Lora! I just love those nuggets of wisdom!
34 qst702505_msg0040 84 I agree. Nothing is easy in life. But still, we strive ever onwards, aiding one another in whatever way we can.
35 qst702505_msg0041 84 To be the hands of His Majesty, to share in both his joys and sorrows... That is the foundation of our honor.
36 qst702505_msg0042 84 My most loyal subjects...
37 qst702505_msg0043 84 This whole Driver and Blade thing? We're almost like one person in two bodies. Don't you think?
38 qst702505_msg0044 84 So you just need to let me take a little of that burden sometimes, no?
39 qst702505_msg0045 84 Gah...
40 qst702505_msg0046 84 Hey... What's wrong?
41 qst702505_msg0047 84 Stop bottling it up, Addam.
42 qst702505_msg0048 84 I... You guys... I'm just realizing what a lucky man I am to have such friends.
43 qst702505_msg0049 84 Thank you. Thank you all...