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1 qst702407_msg0001 84 *Yaaaaawn* Guarding the warehouse is such a snooze-fest...
2 qst702407_msg0002 84 But I do like snoozing, it has to be said. Yep, I guess I've lucked out!
3 qst702407_msg0003 84 Whaaa...? You know a job that'd be perfect for me?
4 qst702407_msg0004 84 Wow! Who knew the militia gave you three meals AND naps a day, "except and unless when stipulated otherwise"!
5 qst702407_msg0005 84 ...No, no way. Whatever the world may think of me, I'm still a gallant soldier of Torna!
6 qst702407_msg0006 84 I don't care if I get to serve directly under Lord Addam, I will not abandon my duties so easily!
7 qst702407_msg0007 84 ...But then again, just thinking about those naps... Man, now I'm torn.
8 qst702407_msg0008 84 I have to sleep on this, man. If I decide to join up, I'll just head on over to the militia camp, yeah?
9 qst702407_msg0101 84 Ugh... What do I do...?
10 qst702407_msg0102 84 Do I join the militia and loaf around...? Or do I just keep loafing in front of this warehouse here...?
11 qst702407_msg0103 84 Hm. When I say it like that, it does kinda sound a bit like much of a muchness, doesn't it?