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1 qst702405_msg0001 84 Hey there. Something troubling you?
2 qst702405_msg0002 84 Say again? The militia's short on people so you're looking for volunteers?
3 qst702405_msg0003 84 I gotcha. I'll go enlist right now. ...Is that how you thought this'd go?
4 qst702405_msg0004 84 A militia is basically an army.
5 qst702405_msg0005 84 What that means, is that you're always expected to fight. I don't really want ties with that kind of organization again.
6 qst702405_msg0006 84 But...if I flat-out refused, it'd hurt my reputation, wouldn't it?
7 qst702405_msg0007 84 All right then. I promise to think it over. Just don't get your hopes up.
8 qst702405_msg0101 84 Sorry to disappoint you, after you've come to ask me specifically.
9 qst702405_msg0102 84 You know if it was anything else, I'd do it and I'd do it for free. But this of all things...
10 qst702405_msg0103 84 I'll need time to think about it.