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1 qst702202_msg0001 84 Now this is what I call a real predicament...
2 qst702202_msg0002 84 It looks pretty vicious...
3 qst702202_msg0003 84 Did the boy really enter its den...? I'm impressed he left alive at all...
4 qst702202_msg0004 84 Vez was born under a lucky star. The manor is full of anecdotes about things like this.
5 qst702202_msg0005 84 He's a forthright man, he wouldn't lie about this. If he says he went in, I have no reason to disbelieve him.
6 qst702202_msg0006 84 You seem awfully calm about this. What'll you do if we can't get the key back?
7 qst702202_msg0007 84 Eh. We'll cross that bridge when we get there.
8 qst702202_msg0008 84 Anyway, the things that matter the most aren't inside the vault.
9 qst702202_msg0009 84 Oh really?
10 qst702202_msg0010 84 I know where you're going with that, but I'm sure there are still plenty of things in there that do matter a bit!
11 qst702202_msg0011 84 And I'm not letting you lose that!
12 qst702202_msg0012 84 Thank you, Lora.
13 qst702202_msg0013 84 Looks like it's still upset about our friend wandering into its den.
14 qst702202_msg0014 84 We'll have to draw it away somehow...
15 qst702202_msg0015 84 ...Or defeat it where it stands.
16 qst702202_msg0016 84 Those seem to be the only choices. Well, in that case...
17 qst702202_msg0101 165 What shall we do about the Feris?
18 qst702202_msg0102 165 Draw it away with food.
19 qst702202_msg0103 165 Defeat it here and now.
20 qst702202_msg0201 84 Say we did want to lure it away... What could we use?
21 qst702202_msg0202 84 Someone could act as a decoy.
22 qst702202_msg0203 84 Uh... Why are you looking at me like that?
23 qst702202_msg0204 84 Let's maybe just use food.
24 qst702202_msg0205 84 We could take down some Urbs Armus. Some should be grazing nearby.
25 qst702202_msg0206 84 Ah, brilliant. They most likely form part of its diet anyway, so it won't look suspicious.
26 qst702202_msg0207 84 You've a good head on your shoulders.
27 qst702202_msg0208 84 You know we're not mercenaries because of our looks, right?
28 qst702202_msg0209 84 Though I never thought this would be how we'd use the experience...
29 qst702202_msg0210 84 Urbs Armus, right? Fine, let's get this over with...
30 qst702202_msg0301 84 I'm afraid more people might get attacked by this beast... We should take it down just in case.
31 qst702202_msg0302 84 You make a good point.
32 qst702202_msg0303 84 Don't overdo it, Lora.
33 qst702202_msg0304 84 Don't worry, I know my limits.
34 qst702202_msg0305 84 OK then. It's go time!