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1 qst702201_msg0001 84 Ah! Lord Addam!
2 qst702201_msg0002 84 Hello, Vez. All's well, I trust?
3 qst702201_msg0003 84 I have a minor point to report!
4 qst702201_msg0004 84 Here it comes... I have dropped the vault key!
5 qst702201_msg0005 84 What?!
6 qst702201_msg0006 84 Oh boy... That is a predicament.
7 qst702201_msg0007 84 Just a "predicament"...? It's a vault! Surely it's got things that one might want to access sometime?
8 qst702201_msg0008 84 Yes, Ma'am! It is a storage location for all the Origo family owns, from ancient treasures through to tableware, Ma'am!
9 qst702201_msg0009 84 Wait, everything they own is in there?!
10 qst702201_msg0010 84 Master Addam, this sounds bad!
11 qst702201_msg0011 84 We have to find it! The key, I mean! Straight away!
12 qst702201_msg0012 84 How kind of you! Are you really that worried about my possessions?
13 qst702201_msg0013 84 I've been poor before, so I know what it feels like to have nothing! And it feels bad!
14 qst702201_msg0014 84 And considering the vault contains priceless artifacts, it would be terrible if some villain were to find the key first.
15 qst702201_msg0015 84 Ah, about that! No worries on that count, Ma'am!
16 qst702201_msg0016 84 I dropped it in a Grafton Feris den somewhere out on Wrackham Moor!
17 qst702201_msg0017 84 So, no need to worry about anyone picking it up! I may be incompetent, but I'm not that incompetent!
18 qst702201_msg0018 84 No, I think the dropping part proves the incompetence. The rest is just icing... And why were you even there?
19 qst702201_msg0019 84 You can pick medicinal herbs there! They help my gran, so I got all caught up in picking them and...
20 qst702201_msg0020 84 ...And out came the Feris?
21 qst702201_msg0021 84 Exactly, Ma'am!
22 qst702201_msg0022 84 What is the point of you, really...?
23 qst702201_msg0023 84 I-I mean, it's an important thing, the key, so I always carry it with me wherever I go, Ma'am!
24 qst702201_msg0024 84 Stop torturing the help, Mythra. We'll get the key, Vez, don't worry.
25 qst702201_msg0025 84 Thank you for your honesty. I'm relieved you weren't hurt.
26 qst702201_msg0026 84 Lord Addam, you're too kind!
27 qst702201_msg0027 84 You heard him, Addam. Too kind for your own good...