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1 qst702007_msg0001 84 Is this...Mor Ardain?
2 qst702007_msg0002 84 Looks different than I imagined...
3 qst702007_msg0003 84 No, this is Aletta. A province of Torna.
4 qst702007_msg0004 84 Why'd you bring us here?
5 qst702007_msg0005 84 Well...
6 qst702007_msg0006 84 That's why.
7 qst702007_msg0007 84 Da!
8 qst702007_msg0008 84 Kali! Kelly!
9 qst702007_msg0009 84 I'm so glad you're all right!
10 qst702007_msg0010 84 We missed you, Da!
11 qst702007_msg0011 84 All's well that ends well.
12 qst702007_msg0012 84 I'm so... *sniff* glad we got to help...
13 qst702007_msg0013 84 Are you crying again?
14 qst702007_msg0014 84 Lord Addam. Thank you for the kindness you have shown me and my family.
15 qst702007_msg0015 84 Nonsense. I'm terribly sorry about your wife.
16 qst702007_msg0016 84 Thank you...
17 qst702007_msg0017 84 But at least I still have my children.
18 qst702007_msg0018 84 They're more than I would have had without your help.
19 qst702007_msg0019 84 Together, we'll take care of each other and honor Nelly's memory.
20 qst702007_msg0020 84 Excellent. Just take it easy. You need to give yourself time to grieve, too.
21 qst702007_msg0021 84 You too, Lord Addam. I know you're the type to put your life on the line for others, but do take care of yourself.
22 qst702007_msg0022 84 He'll be fine.
23 qst702007_msg0023 84 He's got all of us here doing his work for him. I'd say he'll be taking it plenty easy.
24 qst702007_msg0024 84 Ahahaha! Nice jab.
25 qst702007_msg0025 84 Thanks, Mister!
26 qst702007_msg0026 84 Thanks, Miss! And everyone!
27 qst702007_msg0027 84 We'll be living here from now, so come play sometime!
28 qst702007_msg0028 84 Sure thing, Kali. See you, Kelly. Stay out of trouble, now!