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1 qst701916_msg0001 84 I think I should come in very handy. As a traveling artiste, I've seen a great many places in my time.
2 qst701916_msg0002 84 But...having said that, some places are a little...difficult for me. There was some...stuff.
3 qst701916_msg0101 84 Friends! Tornans! Countrymen! Lend me your assistance!
4 qst701916_msg0102 84 I swear I will let Deetta down honestly and maturely and free myself up to truly give my all to Sarah!
5 qst701916_msg0103 84 OK, yes, and we'll get the Dragon Incense as well.
6 qst701916_msg0201 84 I shall have to make tracks for the capital shortly.
7 qst701916_msg0202 84 Ohh, Sarah, my beloved! How my heart aches to be by your side!