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1 qst701915_msg0001 84 I'm feeling a mite peckish.
2 qst701915_msg0002 84 Maybe I'll grab a bite before we set off for Uraya.
3 qst701915_msg0101 84 Why did you pick me as leader?
4 qst701915_msg0102 84 I mean, sure, as a representative of the resistance army, I'll probably do a bang-up job of it.
5 qst701915_msg0103 84 But I'll be so busy I doubt I'll have time to sample any Urayan delicacies.
6 qst701915_msg0201 84 I'm stoked that the mission's over. Time to go put my feet up, sip on a cold brew and fill up the ol' tum.
7 qst701915_msg0202 84 Or I would, if our exalted Lieutenant Vronka wasn't giving me the evil eye.
8 qst701915_msg0203 84 I knew this'd happen... I ought to have had my fill of Puran in Fonsa Myma, at least, but now that ship's sailed...