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1 qst701914_msg0001 84 Time to leave for adventure.
2 qst701914_msg0002 84 Will show friends just how much Four Muskerpon improved with Lieutenant Vronka's help!
3 qst701914_msg0101 84 Subordinates are eight people! Very a lot!
4 qst701914_msg0102 84 Meh meh! Cannot stop happy smile from forming. Rooroo's head is light from unexpected power.
5 qst701914_msg0103 84 Day of Rooroo has finally come!
6 qst701914_msg0201 84 Rooroo never want to set foot in Dragon's Stomach again...
7 qst701914_msg0202 84 Better to have scolding from Lieutenant Vronka than go back to awful scary-stinky place!
8 qst701914_msg0203 84 Got Rooroo thinking about what Rooroo put in own stomach...