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1 qst701905_msg0001 84 We're sorry to have kept you waiting! We managed to get the Dragon Incense!
2 qst701905_msg0002 84 Really? Thank you so much.
3 qst701905_msg0003 84 Gimme! I'll make the medicine!
4 qst701905_msg0004 84 Do you...know how?
5 qst701905_msg0005 84 Since Ms. Marena mentioned the Dragon Incense, I've been studying!
6 qst701905_msg0006 84 Teeco and Joey helped me get the rest of the stuff I need, so we're good to go!
7 qst701905_msg0007 84 Then by all means!
8 qst701905_msg0008 84 Leave it to me!
9 qst701905_msg0009 84 Alllll done!
10 qst701905_msg0010 84 Drink up, Freja!
11 qst701905_msg0011 84 It's...not gonna be...gross again, is it?
12 qst701905_msg0012 84 I added a whole bunch of sugar this time, so it should be fine!
13 qst701905_msg0013 84 Me and Lora and Lora's friends won't let you down! Drink up!
14 qst701905_msg0014 84 OK...let's do this.
15 qst701905_msg0015 84 *gulp*
16 qst701905_msg0016 84 Huh...?
17 qst701905_msg0101 84 My body light...
18 qst701905_msg0102 84 No way! Is this real? What was that medicine?!
19 qst701905_msg0103 84 I feel amazing!
20 qst701905_msg0104 84 YESSS!!! We did it, guys!
21 qst701905_msg0105 84 I wasn't expecting it to be so effective!
22 qst701905_msg0106 84 Woo hoo!
23 qst701905_msg0107 84 Oh my... Freja...
24 qst701905_msg0108 84 Mum!
25 qst701905_msg0109 84 What a wonderful outcome.
26 qst701905_msg0110 84 How are you feeling, Freja?
27 qst701905_msg0111 84 I feel great!
28 qst701905_msg0112 84 I can stand up without help! I can even walk around!
29 qst701905_msg0113 84 I think we should be able to take Fred up on his offer of a spot in the shelter now.
30 qst701905_msg0114 84 Yep!
31 qst701905_msg0201 84 My body is overflowing with energy!
32 qst701905_msg0202 84 I feel better than I ever have before.
33 qst701905_msg0203 84 I can stand, I can walk... I feel like I could run a marathon!
34 qst701905_msg0204 84 Haha. Maybe hold off on that for a little while.
35 qst701905_msg0205 84 Hehe.
36 qst701905_msg0206 84 I think we should be able to take Aquin up on his offer of a spot on his evacuation ship now.
37 qst701905_msg0301 84 My little girl...up and about like this... Somebody pinch me...
38 qst701905_msg0302 84 And all thanks to you, Lora, and you, Addam. And the rest of you, of course.
39 qst701905_msg0303 84 How can I possibly repay you?
40 qst701905_msg0304 84 That Dragon Incense was obtained through the combined efforts of a lot of different people.
41 qst701905_msg0305 84 All we did was ask them.
42 qst701905_msg0306 84 So don't worry about a reward or anything.
43 qst701905_msg0307 84 Quite.
44 qst701905_msg0308 84 It's enough for us to see Freja so happy.
45 qst701905_msg0309 84 Thank you so much!
46 qst701905_msg0310 84 Looks like we're all done here.
47 qst701905_msg0311 84 Um, Jin? If you write about today in your diary, do you think you could let me read it?
48 qst701905_msg0312 84 Why?
49 qst701905_msg0313 84 Today was so wonderful, I want to look back on it a little.
50 qst701905_msg0314 84 Why not ask Brighid?
51 qst701905_msg0315 84 I'm afraid I have to refuse as well. Why not get Minoth to write a book about it?
52 qst701905_msg0316 84 But- Well, actually I was planning on writing one anyway.
53 qst701905_msg0317 84 I hope you're going to describe my part with sufficient awesomeness.
54 qst701905_msg0318 84 Remind me what you did again?
55 qst701905_msg0319 84 Haha.
56 qst701905_msg0320 84 What?! I mean, sure, I didn't have much to do with the incense business, but what about before that?!
57 qst701905_msg0321 84 What a spirited defense.
58 qst701905_msg0322 84 Excuse me, Prince Addam?
59 qst701905_msg0323 84 I know you said you didn't need any kind of reward, but I wanted you to have this anyway.
60 qst701905_msg0324 84 What's this?
61 qst701905_msg0325 84 I heard they were good for health, so I was feeding them to Freja. Now we have the Dragon Incense, though!
62 qst701905_msg0326 84 In fact, I bought about 100 jars of the stuff, so I have far too many left over.
63 qst701905_msg0327 84 Won't you take some back for the Lady Origo?
64 qst701905_msg0328 84 That's marvelously kind of you, thanks! I'm sure my wife will be delighted.
65 qst701905_msg0329 84 Lady Origo? Wife??
66 qst701905_msg0330 84 Yes. Didn't I mention?
67 qst701905_msg0331 84 She's back home in Aletta.
68 qst701905_msg0332 84 She's pregnant. Just about due, actually.
69 qst701905_msg0333 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Anger ]I cannot believe what I'm hearing!
70 qst701905_msg0334 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Anger ]Really??
71 qst701905_msg0335 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Think ]I didn't know that...
72 qst701905_msg0336 84 You really didn't know? I do apologize.
73 qst701905_msg0337 84 So you see, I'm fighting just as much for my family as I am for Torna.
74 qst701905_msg0338 84 What are we even doing running around saving people?!
75 qst701905_msg0339 84 You need to go back to Aletta to be with your wife!
76 qst701905_msg0340 84 It's fine, it's fine.
77 qst701905_msg0341 84 If anything happens, Vez and Mungo are there with her, as well as the rest of the militia.
78 qst701905_msg0342 84 It'll be fine.
79 qst701905_msg0343 84 I'm sure it will, but...
80 qst701905_msg0344 84 The best thing we can do to help her is to make sure we put an end to Malos before he can cause any more ruin.
81 qst701905_msg0345 84 He's right. That's all we can do.
82 qst701905_msg0346 84 But even so...
83 qst701905_msg0347 84 *sigh* Yes, all right.
84 qst701905_msg0348 84 We have to stop Malos.
85 qst701905_msg0349 84 For the sake of everyone we've met.
86 qst701905_msg0350 84 For the sake of all Tornans. And for Alrest.
87 qst701905_msg0351 84 That's exactly right.
88 qst701905_msg0352 84 I have no doubt that with such comrades at our side, ours will be a glorious victory.
89 qst701905_msg0353 84 We'll beat Malos. Together.
90 qst701905_msg0354 84 Together!