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1 qst701805_msg0001 84 Three Golden Sand Cocoons, three Cotton Branches...
2 qst701805_msg0002 84 Oh, and two Bladed Holly twigs. I think that was it...?
3 qst701805_msg0003 84 I've got no idea why we need those things, but if Haze says we need them then they must be important.
4 qst701805_msg0004 84 And from what Haze said, those Golden Sand Cocoons are the rarest of 'em all.
5 qst701805_msg0005 84 They're made by bugs that only live in the Streamsand Corridor, if I remember Master Addam's words correctly...
6 qst701805_msg0006 84 Sorry for the bother. But I've gotta find a way to conquer needlework at any cost.
7 qst701805_msg0007 84 I'll do as Haze tells me, and there's no way I'm quitting. So please, help me out here and I promise to try my best!