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1 qst701804_msg0001 84 How's this for an example piece? Hopefully it's a bit easier to work from.
2 qst701804_msg0002 84 Yeah, I think I can do this! I just have to copy your stitches!
3 qst701804_msg0003 84 You can take your time with it. Just go one stitch at a time, OK?
4 qst701804_msg0004 84 Yep! I'm gonna get it this time!
5 qst701804_msg0005 84 I...I DID IT!
6 qst701804_msg0006 84 Mik! Mik!
7 qst701804_msg0007 84 Look! I can embroider! I know I'm not very good, but I still tried...and succeeded!
8 qst701804_msg0008 84 Well? I held up my end of the promise. I learned how to do needlework. That means you gotta give me a smile.
9 qst701804_msg0009 84 Don't you ever give up?
10 qst701804_msg0010 84 Nope. When something's important, you can't let it slip away. Otherwise you just regret it forever.
11 qst701804_msg0011 84 Look, sometimes things are tough, and you can't do anything about it. That's when you gotta just, it away.
12 qst701804_msg0012 84 I know that the bad stuff sticks with you. And some of it you're never going to get rid of.
13 qst701804_msg0013 84 But you have to find a way to conquer it somehow.
14 qst701804_msg0014 84 If you don't, it'll keep piling up.
15 qst701804_msg0015 84 ...
16 qst701804_msg0016 84 I'm right there with you, Mikhail. Let's just take it one day at a time.
17 qst701804_msg0017 84 Whatever happens, we'll smile it away. Together, yeah? And if there's anyone who looks like they're in trouble, well...
18 qst701804_msg0018 84 We'll do our best to help them out. Like good people do. Like Master Addam and Lora.
19 qst701804_msg0019 84 What a wonderful plan! I'll help you!
20 qst701804_msg0020 84 I'm actually something of an expert at making people smile!
21 qst701804_msg0021 84 Er...I think we're good for now. Nobody here's feeling particularly bad at the moment.
22 qst701804_msg0022 84 Oh. I see. Yes, of course.
23 qst701804_msg0023 84 Ahh! But, you know, actually, I suddenly feel like I need to smile!
24 qst701804_msg0024 84 ...Really?
25 qst701804_msg0025 84 Stupid.
26 qst701804_msg0026 84 See, Mik needs a smile as well!
27 qst701804_msg0027 84 Wait-
28 qst701804_msg0028 84 He's such a cheeky brat. But maybe that's what we need.