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1 qst701710_msg0001 84 I hoped you'd be quaking in your boots but you're as calm as can be, ain'tcha. You really are a merciless killer.
2 qst701710_msg0002 84 Think what you like.
3 qst701710_msg0003 84 I've just been waiting for this day to come for a long time. I'm ready to face it.
4 qst701710_msg0004 84 Tell me you did it. I want to hear you say you killed her.
5 qst701710_msg0005 84 As good as. If it wasn't for my reckless ambitions, she'd still be here.
6 qst701710_msg0006 84 Why did I think we'd be able to be together? It was unbearably naïve in retrospect.
7 qst701710_msg0007 84 She...she used to talk about how there was someone she wanted to support... Someone with a dream of a better life...
8 qst701710_msg0008 84 It's all ancient history now.
9 qst701710_msg0009 84 Just get it over with. I won't stop you. I deserve it. Everyone else who was involved is dead and gone. Just me left.
10 qst701710_msg0010 84 Kill me now. Put an end to it. You'll get your revenge, and maybe the Architect will accept my attempts at atonement.
11 qst701710_msg0011 84 Prepare yourself!
12 qst701710_msg0012 84 Stop!
13 qst701710_msg0013 165 Who will you help?
14 qst701710_msg0014 165 Jerry
15 qst701710_msg0015 165 Gio
16 qst701710_msg0101 84 Jerry's a good person. Let's see where this goes for a bit?
17 qst701710_msg0102 84 Atonement, he says. Is that why you've been giving people help without accepting anything in return?
18 qst701710_msg0103 84 I'm not pretending I think it's enough.
19 qst701710_msg0104 84 And you think dyin' would be? You really think that's what my sister woulda wanted?
20 qst701710_msg0105 84 Strewth, mate, you don't wanna die to make amends. You wanna die so you can stop feeling so guilty!
21 qst701710_msg0106 84 ...
22 qst701710_msg0107 84 I don't give a rat's fart whether you live or die, but pissing on what she woulda wanted...I can't forgive that.
23 qst701710_msg0108 84 When you stop feeling sorry for yourself, come find me and we'll discuss our strategy.
24 qst701710_msg0109 84 Strategy? For what?
25 qst701710_msg0110 84 For wiping the Bloody Lobsters out once and for all, mate! You and me! This thing won't be done until we do.
26 qst701710_msg0111 84 I'm not up to much on my own, but if you find yourself with some free time, I could use an extra pair of hands.
27 qst701710_msg0112 84 You're off your rocker. You're... Wait, you're serious?
28 qst701710_msg0113 84 ...I can't believe it. You really are your sister's brother...
29 qst701710_msg0114 84 Has brawly-fight ceased?
30 qst701710_msg0115 84 Morumo very worried, so came as fast as possible. What happen?
31 qst701710_msg0116 84 Er, it's kind of a lot to explain.
32 qst701710_msg0117 84 I'm sorry if we caused any concern. Everything seems to be in order now.
33 qst701710_msg0118 84 Changing the past, eh? Easier said than done. In the end, I wonder if we're all just victims of fate.
34 qst701710_msg0119 84 Tell me, Minoth...
35 qst701710_msg0120 84 Does that serene outlook have anything to do with your transformation into a Flesh Eater?
36 qst701710_msg0121 84 Not like you to be so direct. Thinking of giving it a go yourself?
37 qst701710_msg0122 84 I'm merely interested. As one Blade to another.
38 qst701710_msg0123 84 Well, drop it. You don't wanna end up like me - a lousy mongrel.
39 qst701710_msg0124 84 Is that truly how you feel?
40 qst701710_msg0125 84 You can't claim to speak for everyone. At least, it must be different when one goes into it of one's own accord...
41 qst701710_msg0126 84 What are you saying?
42 qst701710_msg0127 84 If you think of yourself as a mongrel, that's how people will see you. You should try looking on the bright side.
43 qst701710_msg0128 84 Always with that positivity, Addam.
44 qst701710_msg0129 84 If you want things to go well, you have to visualize it first!
45 qst701710_msg0130 84 Give me strength... I swear being around you lot is going to drive me round the bend.
46 qst701710_msg0131 84 ...
47 qst701710_msg0201 84 We have to stop Jerry!
48 qst701710_msg0202 84 Don't even think about getting in my way! I've waited too long for this!