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1 qst701604_msg0001 84 Ladies and gentlemen, I believe it's officially time to begin the Great Tornan Cook-Off!
2 qst701604_msg0002 84 Please welcome our four contestants, each of whom has honored us with their culinary talents today!
3 qst701604_msg0003 84 From the ever friendly Café Amicus, we have Ms. Sorrel!
4 qst701604_msg0004 84 Secondly, introducing the owner of this very inn, Fred!
5 qst701604_msg0005 84 Fred has been gracious enough to provide us with the venue for today's event. Thank you, Fred!
6 qst701604_msg0006 84 Next up, it's the Paragon of Torna himself, Jin!
7 qst701604_msg0007 84 And last but not least, against everyone's better judgment... It's the Aegis herself, Mythra!
8 qst701604_msg0008 84 Now, the four of you will be competing amongst each other.
9 qst701604_msg0009 84 And to gauge your performance, here are our esteemed judges!
10 qst701604_msg0010 84 Hailing from the arid plains of Mor Ardain, please give a warm welcome to Emperor Hugo Ardanach!
11 qst701604_msg0011 84 From that same yonder land comes a scholar and connoisseur of fine food, Mr. Maulton!
12 qst701604_msg0012 84 Our resident gourmet, known far and wide for her gastronomic gallantry, Omnom!
13 qst701604_msg0013 84 Representing our younger age group, it's the dastardly duo... Mikhail and Milton!
14 qst701604_msg0014 84 And finally, I, Addam Origo, might even add a comment or two if I feel like it.
15 qst701604_msg0015 84 Judges, be sure not to let any personal bias color your judgment. Trust only your tongues!
16 qst701604_msg0016 84 I know. I intend to remain completely impartial.
17 qst701604_msg0017 84 These are dark days, but that doesn't mean we have to while our lives away in misery.
18 qst701604_msg0018 84 Relax and enjoy the show!
19 qst701604_msg0101 84 Ms. Sorrel, would you care to go first?
20 qst701604_msg0102 84 Certainly.
21 qst701604_msg0103 84 I've prepared Café Amicus's world-famous five-star offering...
22 qst701604_msg0104 84 It's Tricolor Acqua Pazza.
23 qst701604_msg0105 84 Tricolor, you say?
24 qst701604_msg0106 84 It looks like three things put together... Isn't that cheating...?
25 qst701604_msg0107 84 This is the famous specialty, is it?
26 qst701604_msg0108 84 I'm afraid it's been a while since I last made it, so it might not be up to scratch but, well...see what you think.
27 qst701604_msg0032 84 Change scene with short fade-out
28 qst701604_msg0109 84 For starters, meal gets points for ample serving. Could become regular after this!
29 qst701604_msg0110 84 The delicate notes of all three flavors mingle in perfect harmony. You'd never find the likes in Mor Ardain!
30 qst701604_msg0111 84 It is exceedingly tasty.
31 qst701604_msg0112 84 ...I'm gonna leave the leaves.
32 qst701604_msg0113 84 It musta been proper hard work to prepare all three meals from scratch.
33 qst701604_msg0114 84 Yes, we mustn't overlook the effort that was put in to make this feast look so attractive. A boon to Torna, indeed!
34 qst701604_msg0201 84 Fred, if you'd like to present your dish...
35 qst701604_msg0202 84 I don't know how I can follow up that enormous helping, but here we are...
36 qst701604_msg0203 84 This is the most expensive thing we have on the menu. Hope you like it!
37 qst701604_msg0204 84 What have we here?!
38 qst701604_msg0205 84 Meat! Woo-hoo!
39 qst701604_msg0206 84 Pretty straightforward...
40 qst701604_msg0207 84 Go on, tuck in!
41 qst701604_msg0208 84 Roasted to the perfect degree. You'd never find the likes in Mor Ardain!
42 qst701604_msg0209 84 I like it. Very palatable.
43 qst701604_msg0210 84 Mmm-mm! I didn't know meat could be so soft and juicy!
44 qst701604_msg0211 84 ...It's decent.
45 qst701604_msg0212 84 Is exceptionally tasty, true, but cannot help feeling anyone could make if to be using high quality meat.
46 qst701604_msg0213 84 It's a little on the spicy side. Which isn't a bad thing at all.
47 qst701604_msg0301 84 OK Jin, you're up. What have you got for us?
48 qst701604_msg0302 84 Well, Lora? Which one are we going to present?
49 qst701604_msg0303 84 Uhm, let me see...
50 qst701604_msg0304 165 Which dish will you present?
51 qst701604_msg0305 165 Fried Tartari a la Jin
52 qst701604_msg0306 165 Wingberry Cake
53 qst701604_msg0311 84 Let's go with the Tartari!
54 qst701604_msg0312 84 As you wish.
55 qst701604_msg0313 84 Today, I've prepared for you my special Pan-Fried Tartari.
56 qst701604_msg0314 84 More meat!
57 qst701604_msg0315 84 Why, that's my favorite!
58 qst701604_msg0316 84 ...
59 qst701604_msg0317 84 It's delicious! I can't fault a thing!
60 qst701604_msg0318 84 Plenty to fill tum-tum! Omnom always give high rating for sizable portion.
61 qst701604_msg0319 84 It's so juicy and tender... You'd never find the likes in Mor Ardain!
62 qst701604_msg0320 84 I like meat, but this might be a little too much for me...
63 qst701604_msg0321 84 It sits heavy on the stomach, I fear...
64 qst701604_msg0322 84 ...S'alright.
65 qst701604_msg0351 84 Let's go for the Wingberry Cake!
66 qst701604_msg0352 84 Got it.
67 qst701604_msg0353 84 Today, I've made Wingberry Cake.
68 qst701604_msg0354 84 You look like tough muscle-man, but make surprisingly girly dish.
69 qst701604_msg0355 84 I must say, I never expected this from you, Jin!
70 qst701604_msg0356 84 I can only assume he intended to catch us by surprise.
71 qst701604_msg0357 84 Is cute, scrummy... Omnom cannot get enough of it!
72 qst701604_msg0358 84 It's been so delicately crafted... You'd never find the likes in Mor Ardain!
73 qst701604_msg0359 84 It's a welcome change from all the meat.
74 qst701604_msg0360 84 It's not too sweet, either. Just right in my book.
75 qst701604_msg0361 84 It's like my tummy is being filled with happiness...
76 qst701604_msg0362 84 ...Got any more Cranberry Bells?
77 qst701604_msg0401 84 And finally, Mythra.
78 qst701604_msg0402 84 Hoping to wow us all with your dish, are you?
79 qst701604_msg0403 84 That's the idea.
80 qst701604_msg0404 84 Nice one, putting me in at the end. Don't think I didn't notice. Saving the best for last, am I right?
81 qst701604_msg0405 84 Actually, I just wanted everyone to have a chance to enjoy their last meals before the inevitable happened...
82 qst701604_msg0406 84 Hmph. Whatever...
83 qst701604_msg0407 84 OK, are you ready? Feast your eyes on THIS!
84 qst701604_msg0408 84 Well.
85 qst701604_msg0409 84 Urk!
86 qst701604_msg0410 84 It's a surprise, I'll give you that...
87 qst701604_msg0411 84 Yeurrggh!
88 qst701604_msg0412 84 It's...definitely the one that's left the biggest impression on me...
89 qst701604_msg0413 84 Is afraid Omnom cannot stomach another bite...
90 qst701604_msg0414 84 Actually, I think with a bit of chewing, it's definitely leaning towards edible.
91 qst701604_msg0415 84 It's a very particular flavor...
92 qst701604_msg0416 84 Yes, I could get used to this! You'd never find the likes in Mor Ardain!
93 qst701604_msg0417 84 Are Ardainian tastebuds broken or something...?
94 qst701604_msg0501 84 Well, folks, we've sampled all four meals, and the judges have come to a verdict.
95 qst701604_msg0502 84 I'd now like to announce the winner of the Great Tornan Cook-Off...
96 qst701604_msg0503 84 Ohh, I'm on the edge of my seat...
97 qst701604_msg0504 84 Come on, come on...
98 qst701604_msg0505 84 ...
99 qst701604_msg0506 84 The grand prize of today's tournament goes to...
100 qst701604_msg0601 84 Ms. Sorrel's Tricolor Acqua Pazza!
101 qst701604_msg0602 84 I'm honored!
102 qst701604_msg0603 84 You are truly the finest cook that Torna has to offer, lass.
103 qst701604_msg0604 84 Not many people able to pull off three- meal combo on one plate like that!
104 qst701604_msg0605 84 I know it hasn't been easy for you, but I'd be so chuffed if you could just keep cooking like you did today!
105 qst701604_msg0606 84 Thank you, Mr. Maulton. I feel I would not have been able to start looking to the future again were it not for you.
106 qst701604_msg0607 84 Perhaps to reward my efforts, you would be willing to part with your closely-guarded recipe?
107 qst701604_msg0608 84 That, I'm afraid, is non-negotiable.
108 qst701604_msg0609 84 Hey, Addam.
109 qst701604_msg0610 84 What's the deal? Why didn't my dish win?
110 qst701604_msg0611 84 Ah, well...
111 qst701604_msg0612 84 I believe the problem was simply that your meal was aimed at too discerning a palate, Mythra.
112 qst701604_msg0613 84 You mean I should have toned it down?!
113 qst701604_msg0614 84 Hard luck, Jin.
114 qst701604_msg0615 84 Yeah.
115 qst701604_msg0616 84 But I've never done something like that before. It was interesting.
116 qst701604_msg0617 84 Right?
117 qst701604_msg0618 84 Like Addam said, the point was for us to have a good time.
118 qst701604_msg0619 84 Yes, and I had a wonderful time! My heart was racing when they were announcing the winner!
119 qst701604_msg0620 84 All in all, it was pretty good.
120 qst701604_msg0701 84 Jin's Wingberry Cake!
121 qst701604_msg0702 84 Go team!
122 qst701604_msg0703 84 We did it!
123 qst701604_msg0704 84 Was very refreshing interlude that came just at right time, especially after series of heavy dishes.
124 qst701604_msg0705 84 Yes, it could not have been more well-timed.
125 qst701604_msg0706 84 And placed in contrast to Mythra's... highly combustible concoction... that came right after...
126 qst701604_msg0707 84 It instantly became the highlight of the event with its exquisite flavor.
127 qst701604_msg0708 84 Wait, let me get this straight... You're saying my dish somehow highlighted the flavor of the other one?
128 qst701604_msg0709 84 In a nutshell, yes.
129 qst701604_msg0710 84 Looks like you owe me one, Jin. Just hit me up if you wanna go halves on the reward.
130 qst701604_msg0711 84 Good call, Lora.
131 qst701604_msg0712 84 Hey, it was your cooking skills that landed us the win!
132 qst701604_msg0713 84 Haze's advice also turned out to be a big help.
133 qst701604_msg0714 84 I'm glad to have been of service.
134 qst701604_msg0801 84 And that brings us to the end of the contest.
135 qst701604_msg0802 84 But never fear, folks - with your support, I'd like to host a second one someday, so keep polishing those skills!
136 qst701604_msg0803 84 Perhaps we should switch it up next time round. I'd gladly cook something up for a change!
137 qst701604_msg0804 84 Omnom quite happy to remain as judge...
138 qst701604_msg0805 84 I'm not complaining. Just as long as you make sure to hold 'em here!
139 qst701604_msg0806 84 We'll do even better next time, won't we Jin?
140 qst701604_msg0807 84 For sure.
141 qst701604_msg0808 84 And I'll have to make sure to get back into my usual rhythm!
142 qst701604_msg0809 84 Next time, that first prize is SO mine!
143 qst701604_msg0810 84 Please, just...don't.
144 qst701604_msg0811 84 The only way she could win is if she's the only one left standing...