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1 qst701510_msg0001 84 Hmph. So you're ill.
2 qst701510_msg0002 84 And you still came all the way to see me?
3 qst701510_msg0003 84 It's all thanks to these youngsters.
4 qst701510_msg0004 84 You're not dead yet, so why not do what you can while you're still alive? That's what they said to me.
5 qst701510_msg0005 84 I think I chose my words a little more carefully.
6 qst701510_msg0006 84 Did you really? I couldn't tell...
7 qst701510_msg0007 84 Everyone, I'd like to extend my heartfelt thanks to you all.
8 qst701510_msg0008 84 When you get as old as we are, you get so tangled up in obligations, it feels as if you can't move any more.
9 qst701510_msg0009 84 You get used to glossing over difficult things, or giving up entirely. But that did no good at all...for either of us.
10 qst701510_msg0010 84 It's true. We were both too wrapped up in our own lives...
11 qst701510_msg0011 84 How about it, Mireille? Why don't you stay here tonight? We have years and years of stories to swap.
12 qst701510_msg0012 84 And I want your expert opinion on where to display your vase.
13 qst701510_msg0013 84 Teo... Are you sure?
14 qst701510_msg0014 84 *Sniff* Damn it. I've got something in my eye...
15 qst701510_msg0015 84 Shall we leave these two alone?
16 qst701510_msg0016 84 Wait!
17 qst701510_msg0017 84 Something's been nagging at me this whole time... Haven't I seen you before in Indol?
18 qst701510_msg0018 84 I have! I'm sure I have! With someone called...Quaestor Amalthus? He helped me when I slipped on some stairs!
19 qst701510_msg0025 84 Weren't you his attendant? He was so kind. How is he?
20 qst701510_msg0019 84 ...
21 qst701510_msg0020 84 Don't worry. Whatever their past deeds, all souls will attain salvation. I believe that with all my heart.
22 qst701510_msg0021 84 Here, take this.
23 qst701510_msg0022 84 What is it?
24 qst701510_msg0023 84 It's only a little thing. I made it once to ward off evil and invite happiness. I don't need it any more now.
25 qst701510_msg0024 84 May your path be blessed from this day on.