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1 qst701506_msg0001 84 Hey there! Are you all right?
2 qst701506_msg0002 84 *Cough cough* Can't...*cough*...breathe...
3 qst701506_msg0003 84 Let me see him.
4 qst701506_msg0004 84 His breath sounds all wrong. There might be something blocking his windpipe.
5 qst701506_msg0005 84 What should we do? What if he's having some kind of seizure?
6 qst701506_msg0006 84 Shall I fetch a doctor?
7 qst701506_msg0007 84 No, it's no use. You'd never make it in time!
8 qst701506_msg0008 84 We'll have to perform first aid ourselves.
9 qst701506_msg0009 84 Haze, what do we need?
10 qst701506_msg0010 84 Ideally, something to soothe his throat. We need to help him breathe easier.