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1 qst701501_msg0001 84 What luck, a group of youngsters! I was just looking for someone to run an errand for me.
2 qst701501_msg0002 84 I'm dying, you know. The doctor says the end is near... Oh, don't be sad! At my age, death is a peaceful prospect.
3 qst701501_msg0003 84 I've seen so many of my friends off already... Now, it's my turn. That's all there is to it.
4 qst701501_msg0004 84 All souls will be saved in the end. That's what the teachings of the Praetor say and that's what I believe.
5 qst701501_msg0005 84 ...Erm, where was I? Ah yes. My one regret is a promise I once made to a friend that I haven't kept.
6 qst701501_msg0006 84 I promised to make a vase, but I don't have the materials for it. Would you know where to find them for me?
7 qst701501_msg0007 84 Here's what I need: two sprigs of Spiral Mistletoe, four Silverwing Quartz, and four chunks of Eternity Loam. That's it!
8 qst701501_msg0008 84 If you happen to find some on your travels and feel like sharing, I'd be most grateful.
9 qst701501_msg0009 84 Oh, about that Eternity Loam. I seem to remember that you could harvest it in the Loftin Nature Preserve.
10 qst701501_msg0010 84 These days it's very valuable, so I feel like maybe there isn't so much of it left. Still, it may be worth a look...
11 qst701501_msg0011 84 No need to go out of your way to get it all, but, like I said, I'd be grateful for any help you can offer.
12 qst701501_msg0012 84 I reckon my friend's forgotten all about this, heh heh... But a promise is a promise and I want to keep it.