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1 qst701402_msg0001 84 We got through the desert without much issue, but then...
2 qst701402_msg0002 84 Then we encountered a whole host of Tizza Parisax swarming all over the Braying Canyon!
3 qst701402_msg0003 84 If we don't do something about them, we'll never get this pile of food safely to Aletta.
4 qst701402_msg0004 84 I'm sorry to impose on you again, but I need your help with this...
5 qst701402_msg0101 84 You're back!
6 qst701402_msg0102 84 I take it you've disposed of those pesky Tizza Parisax?
7 qst701402_msg0103 84 Thank you so much!
8 qst701402_msg0104 84 What? If you apply Pestronella Oil, they don't attack you?!
9 qst701402_msg0105 84 I see now!
10 qst701402_msg0106 84 That's so like you, Prince Addam!
11 qst701402_msg0107 84 You didn't want to eradicate the Tizza Parisax, so you found a peaceful way of getting round them, didn't you?
12 qst701402_msg0108 84 You don't just care about the people of Torna, but about the beasts as well!
13 qst701402_msg0109 84 Because wiping out one species would throw off the whole ecosystem, and that would lead to real food shortages.
14 qst701402_msg0110 84 Wow. What can I say? I'm impressed.
15 qst701402_msg0111 84 I owe you a great debt, and I'll gladly perform any service you'd have me perform to repay it!
16 qst701402_msg0112 84 Though speaking of services, I'd better get that food back to base, or Augustus and the others will have my head...
17 qst701402_msg0113 84 We'll be on our way then. Come and see us in Aletta sometime!