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1 qst701306_msg0001 84 We've been friends for many years, so I know how brash that guy can get.
2 qst701306_msg0002 84 Especially with chicks. He gets so up himself, you could cut his head off and he still wouldn't die.
3 qst701306_msg0003 84 But this time, it feels different. I can't help worrying...
4 qst701306_msg0101 84 ...Wait. No, don't say anything.
5 qst701306_msg0102 84 Whatever it is, I can tell it's not good. What's the idiot done this time...?
6 qst701306_msg0103 84 Has he run across an angry ex? Gotten it on with a married woman? Fallen for a honey trap scheme?
7 qst701306_msg0104 84 I wouldn't put anything past him... But whatever it is, I can handle it. I mean, it's not like he's dead, right?
8 qst701306_msg0105 84 ...Right...?