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1 qst701302_msg0001 84 There you are. I've been looking for you everywhere.
2 qst701302_msg0002 84 Oh, you're that traveling performer's friend, aren't you?
3 qst701302_msg0003 84 Hm? Is something wrong?
4 qst701302_msg0004 84 I'm sorry to approach uninvited, but this is urgent, I just couldn't wait...
5 qst701302_msg0005 84 Don't worry about it, we always have time to hear a person out. What's got you so flustered?
6 qst701302_msg0006 84 ...Thank you.
7 qst701302_msg0007 84 It's Leo, he's gone missing. He must've gone searching for the Rainbow Blossom.
8 qst701302_msg0008 84 Rainbow-what now?
9 qst701302_msg0009 84 It's, ah...
10 qst701302_msg0010 84 Ohh, I really thought it'd be enough to make him give this whole thing up. I never thought he'd actually go and...
11 qst701302_msg0011 84 That's your mistake right there. He's the type who only gets more fired up by obstacles.
12 qst701302_msg0012 84 You could've told me that sooner!
13 qst701302_msg0013 84 I'm not really an expert, but is love really a thing that needs to be proven?
14 qst701302_msg0014 84 I just don't understand how someone can believe in something so blindly. All this talk of love and destiny he spouts...
15 qst701302_msg0015 84 He may be impulsive and hot-headed, but he's not a liar. Just an idiot, like he clearly demonstrated back there.
16 qst701302_msg0016 84 That's not what I mean...
17 qst701302_msg0017 84 You don't trust him. And you're afraid to open up to him because you're not sure.
18 qst701302_msg0018 84 Is that so wrong...?
19 qst701302_msg0019 84 I didn't say that.
20 qst701302_msg0020 84 I just thought that maybe your real reason lay elsewhere.
21 qst701302_msg0021 84 Anyway, this Rainbow Blossom... Are you sure it's really extinct?
22 qst701302_msg0022 84 I...couldn't say for sure... But... I've heard that here in Torna, it may've survived in a secret area somewhere...
23 qst701302_msg0023 84 You used to see it all over, before, but then with overexploitation and changes in the climate, its numbers dwindled...
24 qst701302_msg0024 84 Is that so? Then I imagine he would also try to seek out this secret area you speak of.
25 qst701302_msg0025 84 He fancies himself an adventurer, does he now?
26 qst701302_msg0026 84 I'm sorry you had to get involved in our stupid business...
27 qst701302_msg0027 84 You know I didn't mean for anything bad to happen, I just...
28 qst701302_msg0028 84 It's OK, we understand. For starters, we'll go search for clues.
29 qst701302_msg0029 84 There's absolutely no need for you to blame yourself.