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1 qst701301_msg0001 84 Look, no matter how many times you bring it up, I still don't want to hear it!
2 qst701301_msg0002 84 We don't know when the next attack might come, do we? There's no place for levity at a time like this!
3 qst701301_msg0003 84 No, Sarah, you don't understand! That's exactly why! Nobody knows what's coming!
4 qst701301_msg0004 84 We were destined to be together, you and I!
5 qst701301_msg0005 84 ...No, wait! Don't go! At least let me ask you this!
6 qst701301_msg0006 84 Why are you so sad all the time?!
7 qst701301_msg0007 84 Sad? Me?
8 qst701301_msg0008 84 Yes! It's as if you're always trying to bottle up all your emotions!
9 qst701301_msg0009 84 Look, like I told you, it's because...
10 qst701301_msg0010 84 No, you know what? I'm done! Why bother explaining myself to you when you don't respect me enough to listen?!
11 qst701301_msg0011 84 Oh, Sarah! I love your angry face, too! It's so adorably contorted!
12 qst701301_msg0012 84 Unbelievable...
13 qst701301_msg0013 84 ...OK, fine. If you want to get with me so much, bring me a Rainbow Blossom as proof of your feelings!
14 qst701301_msg0014 84 You want flowers? Oh, what a wonderful idea! Why didn't I think of that?!
15 qst701301_msg0015 84 But, wait a minute... Isn't that particular genus extinct?
16 qst701301_msg0016 84 Oh, well, if you're going to let THAT stop you, then we've got nothing left to talk about.
17 qst701301_msg0017 84 ...No! No, this isn't over! In fact, it's just beginning!
18 qst701301_msg0018 84 Sarah! The love I feel for you will never die! Just like I hope that extinct flower didn't! And I'll prove it to you!