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1 qst701203_msg0001 84 Oh no... This one says..."Tarres"...
2 qst701203_msg0002 84 Yeah... It must have been made by someone who knew him.
3 qst701203_msg0003 84 I'm so sorry, everyone. But I had to make sure.
4 qst701203_msg0004 84 One way or another, Charlet will need some closure on this.
5 qst701203_msg0005 84 I'm with you, Lora. I'd have done the same in your position.
6 qst701203_msg0006 84 That's the sad thing about miracles: they rarely happen. Don't beat yourself up about it.
7 qst701203_msg0007 84 Minoth's right. It wasn't your fault, Lora. You don't have to bear that burden.
8 qst701203_msg0008 84 Yeah... Yeah, you're right. Thanks, guys.
9 qst701203_msg0009 84 Do you think perhaps Tarres left something behind that we could take to Charlet as a keepsake?
10 qst701203_msg0010 84 Like what? I can't see anything of worth left around here...
11 qst701203_msg0011 84 Charlet says he was a cautious man. In which case, it's plausible that he would have predicted the attack.
12 qst701203_msg0012 84 And we still don't know exactly why he came back here in the first place. I admit, I'm very curious.
13 qst701203_msg0013 84 Then I suggest we start by investigating the area around his lodgings.
14 qst701203_msg0014 84 Your Majesty, please watch your step.
15 qst701203_msg0015 84 I'm sure His Majesty doesn't require *that* much mollycoddling, Aegaeon.
16 qst701203_msg0016 84 ...Do you think he might have known Mother?
17 qst701203_msg0017 84 If he did, we owe him thanks. It must have been a hard life for her, all alone here.
18 qst701203_msg0018 84 Yeah... If only we'd made it in time, we could've simply asked...
19 qst701203_msg0019 84 Sleep tight, Tarres. I pray you're in a better place now...