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1 qst701109_msg0001 84 I owe the old master a lot from back in the day. He saved me when I was down and out after I made some bad choices.
2 qst701109_msg0002 84 He was always upfront with me. Angry when he had to be, but always for good reason. He asked for nothing back.
3 qst701109_msg0003 84 I'd decided back then that whenever he needed me, I'd do anything for him.
4 qst701109_msg0004 84 That's why I knew what I had to do, though I don't much care for Aquin and his harebrained, goody-two-shoes deal.
5 qst701109_msg0005 84 It does, on the other hand, make him a great patsy if anything goes wrong... Uh, don't tell Arb I said that, OK?