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1 qst701102_msg0001 84 Hrm? Who're you? I don't have any appointments today.
2 qst701102_msg0002 84 Please do excuse us interrupting you unannounced.
3 qst701102_msg0003 84 The thing is, we've heard you were making a ship, and...
4 qst701102_msg0004 84 Yes! I'm right in the middle of doing some review work. No sleep, no rest. For Alrest, for its people, for Torna!
5 qst701102_msg0005 84 As you can see, I've not got enough people or materials, so it's all down to me working triple-time...
6 qst701102_msg0006 84 ...Uh... So... What was I supposed to be doing just now...?
7 qst701102_msg0007 84 ...Are you quite all right?
8 qst701102_msg0008 84 He must be going mad from sleep deprivation. Here, why don't we help?
9 qst701102_msg0009 84 Are you serious? That'd be brilliant!
10 qst701102_msg0010 84 In that case... Could you get me a pane of glass and ten lengths of lumber, and find us a skipper? That'd probably do...
11 qst701102_msg0011 84 Oh! Titan's foot, I completely forgot about the paint delivery!!!
12 qst701102_msg0012 84 Wait up, wait up, hold on! We'll need more to go on!!!
13 qst701102_msg0013 84 ...Gone without a trace.
14 qst701102_msg0014 84 Interesting lad, isn't he? Wears his heart on his sleeve and acts as quick as he thinks.
15 qst701102_msg0015 84 Sure, he's a real peach. But you do realize that we've got no idea about what he actually needs from us, right?
16 qst701102_msg0016 84 Might it be an idea to visit Mr. Arb and hear some details from him?
17 qst701102_msg0017 84 It would be a shame to waste precious time seeking a helmsman with no concrete clues to go on.
18 qst701102_msg0018 84 You spoke well, Aegaeon. At times like these, it is good to rely on the expertise of others.
19 qst701102_msg0019 84 Having the master cover for the incompetence of his apprentice? Makes sense, let's do it.
20 qst701102_msg0020 84 You've got a real talent for wording things in the exact worst way possible, you know that?
21 qst701102_msg0021 84 I just wonder why he's building that ship in such a hurry in the first place...