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1 qst701002_msg0001 84 We're going to need the help of an excellent builder if we want to get this shelter off the ground, so to speak.
2 qst701002_msg0002 84 Wayton is the best builder around. You'll find him in Fabri Industry Ward, but he's known to be a little...difficult.
3 qst701002_msg0003 84 Morumo claims to be his friend, so maybe that's enough to at least get him to talk to you.
4 qst701002_msg0101 84 Yeahhh, I have to say I saw this coming. This isn't going to be easy.
5 qst701002_msg0102 84 Wayton's as old-school as they come. Stubborn old goat, that one. Lyta usually acts as an intermediary, but...
6 qst701002_msg0103 84 Wait, I seem to remember him mentioning that Lyta was the reason he couldn't leave the capital.
7 qst701002_msg0104 84 Could it be he's just worried about her? It can't be easy when your only daughter is off adventuring.
8 qst701002_msg0105 84 I hate to trouble you, but if you run into Lyta somewhere on your travels, could you ask her to pay a visit home?
9 qst701002_msg0106 84 She's probably in Gormott. How do I know? Because that's where I told her to go. "Go to Gormott! See the world!"
10 qst701002_msg0201 84 Where do I reckon Lyta is? Well, she's not exactly a seasoned pro. She's probably just...wandering around.
11 qst701002_msg0202 84 Why don't you try asking around the harbor over in Gormott?
12 qst701002_msg0203 84 She's pretty memorable. I'm sure someone'll remember seeing her.
13 qst701002_msg0301 84 Gathering materials for the shelter? Maybe you can find some use for this.
14 qst701002_msg0302 84 You'll have to forgive me. That's pretty much all I can offer. My finances are in a bit of a rough spot right now.
15 qst701002_msg0303 84 I hope that comes in handy, at any rate.
16 qst701002_msg0401 84 There's no doubting Wayton's skill. Completing this shelter is going to be a big weight off everyone's minds.
17 qst701002_msg0402 84 You're doing us a great service helping us out here. We could really use your help a while longer.