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1 qst701001_msg0001 84 Oh, it's you guys. You're really making a name for yourselves lately.
2 qst701001_msg0002 84 I heard about the evacuation ship you helped put together. People can't seem to stop talking about it.
3 qst701001_msg0003 84 I hope they're saying good things. Though I suspect the truth is a little more complicated than that.
4 qst701001_msg0004 84 Hahaha! You're a sharp one.
5 qst701001_msg0005 84 Of course, there are lots of folks who are real grateful to you. People like being prepared for an emergency.
6 qst701001_msg0006 84 But there are plenty of people who can't or won't leave the city. Something should be done to help them.
7 qst701001_msg0007 84 No should! Something will be done!
8 qst701001_msg0008 84 Morumo is chairman of commerce here. Role include obligation to make sure all folk able to live restful, peaceful lives.
9 qst701001_msg0009 84 To that end, Morumo have wonderful idea. Only had to skip five meetings to come up with idea.
10 qst701001_msg0010 84 What we need is impregnable shelter!
11 qst701001_msg0011 84 I'm not so sure you should be skipping all those meetings...
12 qst701001_msg0012 84 Morumo will read minutes of meetings later. Or not. Anyway, that not current action point!
13 qst701001_msg0013 84 I certainly like the idea of building an emergency shelter in the middle of town. Seems like you lot could help.
14 qst701001_msg0014 84 First thing we need for shelter is help of builder. Maybe ask Wayton?
15 qst701001_msg0015 84 Wayton? The name is familiar...
16 qst701001_msg0016 84 Isn't he Lyta's father? Remember how her Blade named the Waytree in honor of him?
17 qst701001_msg0017 84 You know Lyta? I should have guessed!
18 qst701001_msg0018 84 You've got the right Wayton, at any rate. He's one of the district's foremost artisans, but he's...tricky.
19 qst701001_msg0019 84 Hehehe. No worry. Morumo and Wayton are walky-stroll buddies. He definitely lend hand to endeavor.
20 qst701001_msg0020 84 OK then! We'll go and talk to Wayton, I guess.
21 qst701001_msg0021 84 Just you today? This is unusual.
22 qst701001_msg0022 84 OK then.
23 qst701001_msg0023 84 Don't go out of your way trying to find Milton. Just savor the peace and quiet.
24 qst701001_msg0024 84 Well, we're off. See you later!