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1 qst700905_msg0001 84 They gave me a fright! What was that, just now?
2 qst700905_msg0002 84 Say, this wasn't the first time we were neck-deep in Gogols, right? Is that coincidence? I don't think so.
3 qst700905_msg0003 84 I don't think I'm ready to joke about it yet, personally.
4 qst700905_msg0004 84 But they may have been the relatives of the Gogols we fought earlier... They're definitely driven...
5 qst700905_msg0005 84 Yeah... It's hard to think they were actually storming the city. I think your theory is the more valid one.
6 qst700905_msg0006 84 Wh-whoa...
7 qst700905_msg0007 84 Hrm. Looks like we got some fans while we weren't looking.
8 qst700905_msg0008 84 Sorry you had to wait! Is everyone OK?!
9 qst700905_msg0009 84 Hale and hearty, as you can see.
10 qst700905_msg0010 84 Gwahahaha! So we didn't have to rush after all.
11 qst700905_msg00011 84 Still, that was a job well done. Carnelian did good bringing us here.
12 qst700905_msg00012 84 Say, I don't suppose you feel like joining my little team? We can always use more skilled fighters.
13 qst700905_msg00013 84 I'm honored by the invitation, really I am. But what would happen to this guard post then?
14 qst700905_msg00014 84 Gwahahaha! All right, ya got a point.
15 qst700905_msg00015 84 Hmm... How about we put Chalcedony back on guard duty, and have Carnelian join the main team?
16 qst700905_msg00016 84 Hold on a moment. Why can't they both serve together? Didn't you say you wanted more skilled fighters?
17 qst700905_msg00017 84 Well, see, guarding the gates to the capital is the foundation of our duties. It's not like just anyone could do it.
18 qst700905_msg00018 84 I think for sure that one of the siblings needs to stay here.
19 qst700905_msg00019 84 In that case, it's simple. I'll be fine here, so my kid brother can...
20 qst700905_msg00020 84 ...You know, I hate it when you do that. Stop acting all goody-goody, bro.
21 qst700905_msg00021 84 Chalcy, what are you talking about?
22 qst700905_msg00022 84 You think you always have to take the back seat, right? Just 'cause you're older, you have to be all nice to me?
23 qst700905_msg00023 84 Well, pthooie to that! It only makes you feel good, and I'm sick of it.
24 qst700905_msg00024 84 I'm sorry to butt in here, but there's one thing I have to say.
25 qst700905_msg00025 84 Do you really want to bicker like this? If the fighting breaks out tomorrow, you might never see each other again.
26 qst700905_msg00026 84 If you don't end tonight on a good note, you could regret it for the rest of your lives.
27 qst700905_msg00027 84 ...
28 qst700905_msg00028 84 ...She's right. There's no guarantee that peace will return anytime soon.
29 qst700905_msg00029 84 I didn't quite realize that before. I'm really sorry.
30 qst700905_msg00030 84 Me too... I said a bit too much.
31 qst700905_msg00031 84 Sarge, I've got a request. Could I please get a demotion?
32 qst700905_msg00032 84 I wanna cool my head, take a tour at the gates again. See if I can do better this time round.
33 qst700905_msg00033 84 Ohhh? That's sudden. You sure, son?
34 qst700905_msg00034 84 Yes, sir. There might be another attack like we had today...
35 qst700905_msg00035 84 If my bro is here alone, I'll be worried.
36 qst700905_msg00036 84 Aw... You're not just saying that, are you?
37 qst700905_msg00037 84 ...I told you to cut it out, didn't I? Just treat me like a regular squad mate, standing duty together. All right?
38 qst700905_msg00038 84 We'll share the burden and work arm in arm, like brothers should.
39 qst700905_msg00039 84 I'm...I'm sorry. I don't think I understood until now how I made you feel.
40 qst700905_msg00040 84 That's 'cause you're dumb, bro. Go on, just say "thank you" and let's be done with it.
41 qst700905_msg00041 84 *Sniffle* *sniffle* I love a happy ending...
42 qst700905_msg00042 84 Oh, get a grip.
43 qst700905_msg00043 84 I feel like the next time Gogols come, you guys will be ready for them.
44 qst700905_msg00044 84 Oh, anything but those!
45 qst700905_msg00045 84 Gwahaha! Well, any way you cut it, at least we'll feel safe with such expert gate guards keeping watch.
46 qst700905_msg00046 84 *sigh* Looks like I'll have to start recruiting squad members from scratch...