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1 qst700903_msg0001 84 The trail ends here.
2 qst700903_msg0002 84 Our mystery opponent must have scaled the cliff. Or perhaps soared up and over...
3 qst700903_msg0003 84 Are we talking about the same beast, Prince? Our stompy, tramply friend? Now it has wings, is that it?
4 qst700903_msg0004 84 That would be a curious and fascinating development, no?
5 qst700903_msg0005 84 Um... It cannot have simply vanished, can it?
6 qst700903_msg0006 84 Don't be stupid. It's a dumb animal, running around in circles.
7 qst700903_msg0007 84 Oh, yes, of course. How silly of me. It's not like ghosts actually exist...
8 qst700903_msg0008 84 Oh my... Haze, are you afraid of ghosts?
9 qst700903_msg0009 84 N-n-nonsense! I'm just... concerned about the possibility...
10 qst700903_msg0010 84 ...I see. Very well then. I should probably not mention THAT.
11 qst700903_msg0011 84 Huh? Wh-what do you mean, "THAT"?
12 qst700903_msg0012 84 Oh, don't you feel its presence?
13 qst700903_msg0013 84 Even though it's...right behind you?
14 qst700903_msg0014 84 Eeeeeeek!
15 qst700903_msg0015 84 ...Brighid, stop.
16 qst700903_msg0016 84 Don't you think that was somewhat mean, Brighid?
17 qst700903_msg0017 84 Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't actually think she would fall for it...
18 qst700903_msg0018 84 Lady Lora, please... There are no ghosts, right? Ghosts don't they?
19 qst700903_msg0019 84 You'll have to excuse Haze. This is her one and only weakness.
20 qst700903_msg0020 84 It's all right, Haze. If we do ever see a ghost, which we won't, I promise I'll chase it away for you. Good?
21 qst700903_msg0021 84 Now, now, Brighid. You needn't be pouting like a chided schoolchild.
22 qst700903_msg0022 84 You've shown us a side of you we don't often get to see. That alone is worth noting.
23 qst700903_msg0023 84 Th-thank you, Majesty.
24 qst700903_msg0024 84 ...Come on, all of you. All this fawning is making me itchy.
25 qst700903_msg0025 84 Fine, fine.
26 qst700903_msg0026 84 It seems the trail has gone cold. Let's go back and report on our investigation so far.