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1 qst700807_msg0001 84 Welcome friends! How may...
2 qst700807_msg0002 84 Meh?! Oh no... Game of Komemi is up!
3 qst700807_msg0101 84 Well, it's admirable that you're working so diligently...
4 qst700807_msg0102 84 But first things first, you should really go and apologize to the lady.
5 qst700807_msg0201 84 Sorry to bug you while you're on your shift, Komemi...
6 qst700807_msg0202 84 But you need to give the old lass an earnest apology. I think that's equally as important as your job!
7 qst700807_msg0301 84 Oh, good show. You almost had us fooled there for a second.
8 qst700807_msg0302 84 Now, do head along to the old lady, if you please.
9 qst700807_msg0401 84 There are some things about Nopon I'll never understand...
10 qst700807_msg0501 84 I'm really sorry to bother you, but I don't think this can wait.
11 qst700807_msg0502 84 The old lady is expecting an apology. You understand, don't you?
12 qst700807_msg0601 84 Wait, so you ran off and started working?
13 qst700807_msg0602 84 If you've got the time to do that, you've got time to go apologize to the old lady!
14 qst700807_msg0701 84 Hiding in plain sight, eh? Well, it was a clever idea, I'll give you that.
15 qst700807_msg0702 84 But you can't skirt around the issue any more. Now man up and apologize to the lady.
16 qst700807_msg0801 84 Were you even trying to hide?
17 qst700807_msg0802 84 I don't particularly care, either way. Just as long as you get yourself to Ms. Ofa on the double.
18 qst700807_msg0901 84 Your method of hiding was novel.
19 qst700807_msg0902 84 But the time for hiding is over. You must meet with the lady now.