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1 qst700806_msg0001 84 Meh-meh?!
2 qst700806_msg0002 84 Was sure this was place so secret, friends not find in million years...
3 qst700805_msg0101 84 So this is where you were hiding!
4 qst700805_msg0102 84 Now stop this nonsense and go and apologize to the lady!
5 qst700805_msg0201 84 Hah! I know the capital like the back of my hand. You never stood a chance!
6 qst700805_msg0202 84 Come on now. It's time to make amends with old lady Ofa.
7 qst700805_msg0301 84 Well, it seems we reduced a million years to mere minutes.
8 qst700805_msg0302 84 Now, we shall have you apologize to the old lady, whether you like it or not.
9 qst700805_msg0401 84 Should have picked a better hiding spot. Now, go and speak to Ofa. Fast.
10 qst700805_msg0501 84 This was a rather good spot, I must admit!
11 qst700805_msg0502 84 But enough playing around. Why not go and speak to the old lady now, hm?
12 qst700805_msg0601 84 I hate to break this to you, but your little round bodies do kinda stick out.
13 qst700805_msg0602 84 Anyway, are you done now? 'Cos you need to haul yourself over to the old woman.
14 qst700805_msg0701 84 Heh. You've gotta try harder than that.
15 qst700805_msg0702 84 You know what else you need to work on? Your apologies. Go and make it up to the old lady.
16 qst700805_msg0801 84 That's quite enough of your fun and games.
17 qst700805_msg0802 84 Scurry along quietly. You're going to see Ms. Ofa, and you're going to do it now.
18 qst700805_msg0901 84 The resourcefulness of the Nopon people never ceases to amaze me.
19 qst700805_msg0902 84 Now, cease this game of cat and mouse and go visit the lady directly.