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1 qst700804_msg0001 84 Meh?! You found Rooroo?!
2 qst700804_msg0002 84 Urgh... Sorry, brotherpon... Please not to let sacrifice of Rooroo be in vain!
3 qst700804_msg0101 84 Oh, I see what's going on here. You're trying to make yourself sound like you're the good guys.
4 qst700804_msg0102 84 But a crime's a crime, and you can't just pretend it's not! Littering is not cool on any level!
5 qst700804_msg0201 84 Resigned to your fate, are you?
6 qst700804_msg0202 84 Then let's see you apologize to the old lady. Off you go!
7 qst700804_msg0301 84 I can't approve of you trying to throw your life away over something so trivial.
8 qst700804_msg0302 84 Now go and apologize to the lady. It is only the right thing to do.
9 qst700804_msg0401 84 Calmed down yet? Then get yourself to the old lady.
10 qst700804_msg0501 84 Sacrifice? There's no need for anything of the sort.
11 qst700804_msg0502 84 I'm sure the lady will let you off if you simply apologize for what you've done.
12 qst700804_msg0601 84 You can go sacrifice yourself as much as you want, but first you'll drag your ass over to the old lady, capisce?
13 qst700804_msg0602 84 You are so in for it now.
14 qst700804_msg0701 84 Relax. We're not going to hurt you.
15 qst700804_msg0702 84 But you are gonna have to apologize to the nice old woman, so hop to it.
16 qst700804_msg0801 84 What's all this talk of sacrifice? Children shouldn't speak such things.
17 qst700804_msg0802 84 Now hurry along and apologize to the lady.
18 qst700804_msg0901 84 You consider yourself the leader, do you?
19 qst700804_msg0902 84 Any good leader knows to choose his battles wisely. Do the right thing and apologize to Ms. Ofa.