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1 qst700708_msg0001 84 Many hands make light work! Right?
2 qst700708_msg0101 84 Phew... That should do it.
3 qst700708_msg0201 84 It feels good to help others.
4 qst700708_msg0301 84 This will be enough.
5 qst700708_msg0401 84 We certainly did our best!
6 qst700708_msg0402 84 That was exhausting! I'm spent.
7 qst700708_msg0501 84 They sure like to work us hard...
8 qst700708_msg0702 84 I could have burned this up in a second, but we just had to do it the hard way...
9 qst700708_msg0801 84 There, this looks better, doesn't it? I'm feeling refreshed already.