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1 qst700706_msg0001 84 Ah, sorry about that! I was trying to warn you not to come any closer!
2 qst700706_msg0002 84 I guess I need to get better at warnings, huh... Sorry you got attacked.
3 qst700706_msg0003 84 Anyway, it's been a while! Didn't think I'd have to be saved by you guys again, but here we are.
4 qst700706_msg0004 84 You recognize me, right? It's Kaym. Remember? You helped me with the monster slash bridge situation?
5 qst700706_msg0005 84 I had a feeling we'd bump into each other again! Hahaha! What a coincidence, eh?
6 qst700706_msg0006 84 ...Crud, I gotta hurry! Otherwise my old man'll lay into me again!
7 qst700706_msg0007 84 Sorry I have to dash! Thanks for saving my skin!
8 qst700706_msg0008 84 I'll see you back in the capital!