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1 qst700601_msg0001 84 *sigh* It's no use. This is never gonna work...
2 qst700601_msg0002 84 Well, look who it is! Hello again, friend!
3 qst700601_msg0003 84 Oh! You guys!
4 qst700601_msg0004 84 Marcus, wasn't it?
5 qst700601_msg0005 84 You were looking a bit lost there. Need any help?
6 qst700601_msg0006 84 Huh? Oh, nah, not really...
7 qst700601_msg0007 84 You're not fooling anyone.
8 qst700601_msg0008 84 You sounded really upset just now. Don't try to pass it off as something unimportant!
9 qst700601_msg0009 84 Indeed. Why don't you tell us the problem, Marcus?
10 qst700601_msg0010 84 We might even be able to do something about it!
11 qst700601_msg0011 84 Hey, Addam!
12 qst700601_msg0012 84 You're sticking your nose in other people's business again. Quit it!
13 qst700601_msg0013 84 Now Mythra, it always pays to help out your fellow man. You never know when you might need help in return.
14 qst700601_msg0014 84 That's...a fair point, I guess. But still...
15 qst700601_msg0015 84 So Marcus, care to tell us what's on your mind?
16 qst700601_msg0016 84 A-all right...
17 qst700601_msg0017 84 So, the other day, you lot helped me catch a load of bugs, yeah?
18 qst700601_msg0018 84 I'm really grateful to all of you, 'cos you did an awesome job, but then I realized I'm kinda useless by myself.
19 qst700601_msg0019 84 So this time, I decided I'd have a go all on my own. I even made these blueprints for a bug-catching machine.
20 qst700601_msg0020 84 But then...
21 qst700601_msg0021 84 But then?
22 qst700601_msg0022 84 I like tinkering with machines, so I know the ins and outs of 'em, but I've never made one from scratch before.
23 qst700601_msg0023 84 I built everything according to plan, but there's no guarantee it'll work. And now I'm dead nervous about it...
24 qst700601_msg0024 84 And that's what you were mumbling to yourself about, was it?
25 qst700601_msg0025 84 Pretty much.
26 qst700601_msg0026 84 I have to say, making a blueprint like that is really something.
27 qst700601_msg0027 84 It's clear how much time you've invested in this endeavor.
28 qst700601_msg0028 84 Huh? You know how to build stuff, mister?
29 qst700601_msg0029 84 I haven't the faintest idea! Haha!
30 qst700601_msg0030 84 What?!
31 qst700601_msg0031 84 Dumbass.
32 qst700601_msg0032 84 Still, it's evident that you're really serious about this.
33 qst700601_msg0033 84 It... It is?
34 qst700601_msg0034 84 The fact that you're worried about its success is a sign of your determination. It's perfectly natural.
35 qst700601_msg0035 84 You've a clear goal in mind, and you'll do anything to achieve it, am I right?
36 qst700601_msg0036 84 I can't see a more noble goal than that. Just give the word and we'll help you out.
37 qst700601_msg0037 84 Have more faith in yourself, Marcus, and let's finish this thing, together!
38 qst700601_msg0038 84 That's so...nice of you...
39 qst700601_msg0039 84 OK then!
40 qst700601_msg0040 84 I'm not giving up. I'll keep trying 'till I get it working just the way it's supposed to!
41 qst700601_msg0041 84 OK, so here are the blueprints for "Bug Catcher Turbotron BGX5000".
42 qst700601_msg0042 84 Bug Catcher Turbotron BGX5000?!
43 qst700601_msg0043 84 What an inspired name! Now that's something I wish I'd had when I was a kid!
44 qst700601_msg0044 84 Addam, would you shut your trap for a moment?
45 qst700601_msg0045 84 Not you. You keep going.
46 qst700601_msg0046 84 Uh...right.
47 qst700601_msg0047 84 Well, the machine itself's not quite finished yet. I'm still missing some parts.
48 qst700601_msg0048 84 I'll prolly need about 3 Sunset Brackets and a Charged Shaft.
49 qst700601_msg0049 84 It'd be awesome if you guys could go and pick those up for me!
50 qst700601_msg0050 84 Sir, yes, sir! We'll have those parts delivered to you on the double, sir!
51 qst700601_msg0051 84 Boys and their toys...
52 qst700601_msg0052 84 Being nice to kids is one thing, but this is getting beyond a joke...