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1 qst700503_msg0001 84 Aaand, I think that about does it! It just needs a few last finishing touches and we're golden.
2 qst700503_msg0002 84 This is all very exciting, isn't it? Though in all honesty, it will be sad to see it go...
3 qst700503_msg0003 84 Creating items of value for others is part of the charm of being an artisan.
4 qst700503_msg0004 84 And it's especially rewarding to make something for someone you care about. I do hope it will be appreciated.
5 qst700503_msg0005 84 Hey, can I ask you something? How do you even go about making something like this?
6 qst700503_msg0006 84 Oh? Someone on your mind, Mythra?
7 qst700503_msg0007 84 Are you thinking about Addam?
8 qst700503_msg0008 84 Addam?! What? No! I, I just thought... it'd be nice to have one of my own, that's all...
9 qst700503_msg0009 84 Speaking generally, I think it's hard to be able to really express your feelings to someone.
10 qst700503_msg0010 84 Sometimes something as simple as giving them a present can be the answer.
11 qst700503_msg0011 84 ...But what if you manage to screw it all up? How do you cope with that kind of embarrassment?
12 qst700503_msg0012 84 Embarrassment? What matters is that you put in the time and effort to make it. They'll appreciate that.
13 qst700503_msg0013 84 You think...?
14 qst700503_msg0014 84 Sure they will. Listen, I know how to make a few basic accessories. Want me to teach you sometime?
15 qst700503_msg0015 84 Oh, that sounds nice. I hope you wouldn't mind my watching.
16 qst700503_msg0016 84 I'd love to watch too, if that's all right!
17 qst700503_msg0017 84 You know, I think I may just participate as well.
18 qst700503_msg0018 84 Mmm... Yeah, go on then.
19 qst700503_msg0019 84 Great! Looks like we can get a group activity going!
20 qst700503_msg0020 84 They look like they're having fun. ...Oh?
21 qst700503_msg0021 84 Since when did Aegaeon get so pally with the girls?
22 qst700503_msg0022 84 Hah! Good on you, Aegaeon. Lucky devil.
23 qst700503_msg0023 84 I wish I knew his secret...
24 qst700503_msg0024 84 Poor Hugo. Don't worry, though. Your time will come.
25 qst700503_msg0025 84 Going through that stage, are we, Your Majesty?
26 qst700503_msg0026 84 W-what stage? Jin, please say something!
27 qst700503_msg0027 84 Me? Well, I...
28 qst700503_msg0028 84 Sorry, Hugo. Looks like Jin's with us on this one.
29 qst700503_msg0029 84 I didn't even say anything...
30 qst700503_msg0030 84 Addam? I'll have you know I consider this a form of persecution.
31 qst700503_msg0031 84 Ahaha! Inciting your wrath is the last thing I'd want to do!