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1 qst700501_msg0001 84 Hey, you lot. Hope you don't mind me asking, but...
2 qst700501_msg0002 84 Are you the ones who go around the place helping people in need?
3 qst700501_msg0003 84 Well, I wouldn't exactly go that far... but we do what we can, I suppose?
4 qst700501_msg0004 84 Good enough for me.
5 qst700501_msg0005 84 Name's Gio. I'm the local handyman. Listen, since you're here, can I ask you a really huge favor?
6 qst700501_msg0006 84 This better be worth our time.
7 qst700501_msg0007 84 Well, I won't lie to you, it won't be straightforward. Troubles of the heart never are.
8 qst700501_msg0008 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Anger ]Troubles of the heart?!
9 qst700501_msg0009 84 Your troubles, I presume?
10 qst700501_msg0010 84 No no, it's to do with a pal of mine, actually. We share a table sometimes down at the local.
11 qst700501_msg0011 84 He wants to send a custom-made gift to this lady who's caught his eye, but that's not really my area of expertise...
12 qst700501_msg0012 84 On top of that, one of the key materials he needs is a rare ore that you can only gather at night.
13 qst700501_msg0013 84 I think I know the stuff! Isn't that, uh, Purestone...?
14 qst700501_msg0014 84 Hey, you sure know your geology! You only get it at Hangnail Crossing, and it's used to make Sweet Nothings.
15 qst700501_msg0015 84 I...I think we should help them. It's a wonderful thing to be able to help love blossom!
16 qst700501_msg0016 84 I guess we can help out. Besides, it'd just feel weird to ignore it now.
17 qst700501_msg0017 84 Be honest, Mythra. You want to see how this romance pans out, don't you?
18 qst700501_msg0018 84 Don't put words into my mouth, Brighid.
19 qst700501_msg0019 84 All right, I think you've got the gist of it. Here's everything you'll need for the job.
20 qst700501_msg0020 84 All that's left is to get the Purestone and turn it into something gift-worthy.
21 qst700501_msg0021 84 And, er, I hardly need to tell you this, but it wasn't me who came up with "Sweet Nothings", all right?
22 qst700501_msg0022 84 "Sweet Nothings", indeed. Yet who's to say the woman is even aware of this man's affection?
23 qst700501_msg0023 84 Yeah, it is kind of putting the cart before the horse, isn't it? Anyway, let's give this a shot, shall we?
24 qst700501_msg0024 84 Hey, you're here!
25 qst700501_msg0025 84 Ah, there you are.
26 qst700501_msg0026 84 Fancy meeting you here! What's the occasion?
27 qst700501_msg0027 84 Mr. Gio here happens to be my reading and writing tutor!
28 qst700501_msg0028 84 It's a little part time job I do on the side. Only when business is slow, mind.
29 qst700501_msg0029 84 No kidding. How long have you been keeping that up?
30 qst700501_msg0030 84 Never you mind about me. Just go and get the ore I asked for and we'll talk later, OK?
31 qst700501_msg0031 84 Have fun with whatever you're doing!