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1 qst700403_msg0001 84 Hey! Where do you think you're going?!
2 qst700403_msg0002 84 Retreating to regroup? I didn't think Gogols were capable of strategic thinking.
3 qst700403_msg0003 84 Jin! They're getting away!
4 qst700403_msg0004 84 It appears somebody may be leading them. So, what now?
5 qst700403_msg0005 84 I say we go after the leader. Take them out of the picture and the Gogols will be up a creek without a paddle.
6 qst700403_msg0006 84 I agree. They'll be hard-pressed to make a comeback after that.
7 qst700403_msg0007 84 Exactly! And I mean, we're all professionals here, right? It's not like they'll give us any trouble.
8 qst700403_msg0008 84 Right.
9 qst700403_msg0009 84 I'm ready whenever you are!
10 qst700403_msg0010 84 They are NOT getting away this time.
11 qst700403_msg0011 84 Haha! I'm starting to wonder if I'll even have to lift my sword.
12 qst700403_msg0012 84 I think you'll find that's my line!
13 qst700403_msg0013 84 All right, then let's focus our efforts on finding the large one.
14 qst700403_msg0014 84 We should be able to reach higher ground from the left-hand side.