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1 qst700402_msg0001 84 Wow... It's like something out of a painting...
2 qst700402_msg0002 84 Get back, Lora. I'll clear the way.
3 qst700402_msg0003 84 Someone's eager...
4 qst700402_msg0004 84 Look around you, Jin. Is it just the Gogols keeping a tight formation?
5 qst700402_msg0005 84 We're stronger as a single unit. If you go off on your own, you're leaving yourself wide open.
6 qst700402_msg0006 84 ...I'll bear that in mind.
7 qst700402_msg0007 84 Glad to hear it. I just don't want to be carrying around dead weight.
8 qst700402_msg0008 84 What he really means is that he doesn't want you to get hurt.
9 qst700402_msg0009 84 Hey, I can speak for myself! Anyway. Let's move out!