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1 qst700401_msg0001 84 Meh meh... Do not suppose there any chance that friends are mighty heroic warriors?
2 qst700401_msg0002 84 Morumo in charge of shopping ward, so good judge of character become kind of second nature.
3 qst700401_msg0003 84 Yes, it clear as cloudless sky now! Friends just the heroes Morumo searching for!
4 qst700401_msg0004 84 Terrible thing. Gogols start take up residence in Pilgrims' Springland Peln.
5 qst700401_msg0005 84 Oasis no more place for resty-rest. Makes usual cargo route many much times longer!
6 qst700401_msg0006 84 And one thing now very clear... Morumo now on verge of financial meltdown!
7 qst700401_msg0007 84 Friends have no idea how dire straits are for Morumo. So dire. Deeply dire! Morumo drown pillow in tears at night!
8 qst700401_msg0008 84 Morumo want friends to chase nuisance Gogols out of oasis! Will drown friends in thank-yous if success!
9 qst700401_msg0009 84 But Morumo know hero-friends will succeed anyway. It written in script of life!
10 qst700401_msg0101 84 Stupid Gogols think they own oasis! Gogols not buy property! Gogols not even understand laws of tenancy!
11 qst700401_msg0102 84 Please, friends get rid of Gogols and make lives of everypon better. Morumo shower you with a million thank-yous!
12 qst700401_msg0103 84 Morumo know hero-friends will succeed. Morumo believe in you!
13 qst700401_msg0201 84 Meh-meh! Friends found head honcho of Gogols?
14 qst700401_msg0202 84 Come to think, Morumo maybe seen Gogol boss once before! It biggest in pack, with muscles all bulgy, no?
15 qst700401_msg0203 84 It always looking down on Morumo and company from above. Gogols never taught that it rude to stare?
16 qst700401_msg0204 84 Please, friends! Would sincerely appreciate if friends could set Gogols straight!