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1 qst700301_msg0001 84 Good travelers, can I ask you something?
2 qst700301_msg0002 84 I'm not sure if you've noticed, but the lantern at the side of the gate has gone out.
3 qst700301_msg0003 84 Doesn't that bother you?
4 qst700301_msg0004 165 Does the unlit lantern bother you?
5 qst700301_msg0005 165 It does
6 qst700301_msg0006 165 Not really
7 qst700301_msg0007 84 Right? Like, what's the point of it even being there?
8 qst700301_msg0008 84 I've been hoping to get it repaired, actually.
9 qst700301_msg0009 84 What do you mean, "not really"?!
10 qst700301_msg0010 84 You're just like my brother, then. He said it was just fine as it is...
11 qst700301_msg0011 84 Still, hear me out.
12 qst700301_msg0012 84 See, I'm supposed to monitor the area, so I can't afford to leave my station, not even for a second.
13 qst700301_msg0013 84 As for the guy next to me, well...he's my brother, but for reasons I'd prefer not to go into, I'd rather not ask him.
14 qst700301_msg0014 84 You can talk to him if you want. You'll soon understand.
15 qst700301_msg0015 84 In any case, I've gotta do my duty and keep watch over this place.
16 qst700301_msg0016 84 I'm stuck at my post, lantern's out of reach...
17 qst700301_msg0017 84 You've probably guessed where this is going.
18 qst700301_msg0018 84 Think you could light up my life a little?
19 qst700301_msg0101 84 It'd be great if you could fix the lantern out in front of the gate.
20 qst700301_msg0102 84 I doubt you luminaries'll have any trouble with that.
21 qst700301_msg0103 84 Come on, help a guard out.
22 qst700301_msg0201 84 I saw the whole thing!
23 qst700301_msg0202 84 Awesome work. You've really brightened up my day!
24 qst700301_msg0203 84 That takes care of that matter, then.
25 qst700301_msg0204 84 Which brings me to the next one.
26 qst700301_msg0205 84 See, there's actually a bunch of lanterns that have broken down around the capital.
27 qst700301_msg0206 84 I happened to notice them while I was on patrol, and it really bugged me.
28 qst700301_msg0207 84 As usual, my brother turned a blind eye to the problem.
29 qst700301_msg0208 84 So, being the model citizen that I am, I thought I'd take the initiative and fix 'em all myself.
30 qst700301_msg0209 84 Except I haven't been able to yet, not since I've been lumbered with guard duty.
31 qst700301_msg0210 84 I reckon there were about four in total. One in Formide Shopping Ward, one in Fabri Industry Ward...
32 qst700301_msg0211 84 One in Auresco Residential Ward... Oh, and the last one was in Orem Storage Ward.
33 qst700301_msg0212 84 If you could nip round and fix those four, it'd be a huge help. For me, and for the people.