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1 qst700202_msg0001 84 Meh? Friends have business with Dekudeku?
2 qst700202_msg0002 84 Ah, indeed, it true. Dekudeku on Walky-Walky pilgrimage, special rite of passage for Voltis Trade Guild.
3 qst700202_msg0003 84 Is making only minor impression, me know, but please to realize Dekudeku carrying future of trade guild on back!
4 qst700202_msg0004 84 It take budding young...aspiring... merchant like self to generate strong cash flow!
5 qst700202_msg0005 84 Meh-meh? Friends take interest in Dekudeku and need to ask favor?
6 qst700202_msg0006 84 So textile shop doing poor business and asking Dekudeku to invest...
7 qst700202_msg0007 84 Is very interesting proposal!
8 qst700202_msg0008 84 This perfect opportunity to put financial skills to test!
9 qst700202_msg0009 84 But not to expect results immediately. Dekudeku need time to draw up business plan.
10 qst700202_msg0010 84 Is no easy road to success. Get rich quick scheme is pie in sky way of thinking, even if sound delicious.
11 qst700202_msg0011 84 OK, Dekudeku go ahead and have talk with manager now.
12 qst700202_msg0012 84 Fully understanding situation is key to every successful business transaction!
13 qst700202_msg0013 84 Will consider options on table and get back to friends when return!
14 qst700202_msg0101 84 First plan of action is make two types of hat and establish sales plan!
15 qst700202_msg0102 84 Friends can assist by delivering materials to owner!
16 qst700202_msg0103 84 Supply material ultimately form cornerstone and decide whether business sink or float!