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1 qst700201_msg0001 84 Meh... No customers, nothing to do...
2 qst700201_msg0002 84 Meh-meh! Welcome to Obibi's Textiles!
3 qst700201_msg0003 84 Oh? Friends not customers?
4 qst700201_msg0004 84 Obibi not have time for window shoppers! Please to scram!
5 qst700201_msg0005 84 What you mean, I not look busy?
6 qst700201_msg0006 84 Is none of friends' business!
7 qst700201_msg0007 84 But...friends make valid observation. *sigh*
8 qst700201_msg0008 84 Nobody come to check out wares of Obibi. Patience is coming end of rope.
9 qst700201_msg0009 84 Not sure why, but even other Nopon seem to keep distance. Maybe time to pack up shop.
10 qst700201_msg0010 84 If only there were easy way to rake in buckets of gold in one fell swoop...
11 qst700201_msg0011 84 Meh-MEH! Obibi has it!
12 qst700201_msg0012 84 Obibi recently spy Nopon littlepon around town, never see before.
13 qst700201_msg0013 84 Littlepon traveling alone at young age? Is only one possibility.
14 qst700201_msg0014 84 Must be littlepon of Alrest's hottest trade guild, name of Voltis!
15 qst700201_msg0015 84 Would owe great debt if friends could ask littlepon for big inspiration!
16 qst700201_msg0016 84 Obibi wait right here, looking forward to news of good news!
17 qst700201_msg0101 84 Friends find littlepon from Voltis Trade Guild?
18 qst700201_msg0102 84 Last Obibi see of littlepon, was wandering around main thoroughfare between gates of capital!
19 qst700201_msg0103 84 That littlepon may just be ticket to keeping business floaty-floaty!
20 qst700201_msg0201 84 Friends pick up everything Obibi need for hat-making?
21 qst700201_msg0301 84 That very impressive feat! Yes, should be more than enough!
22 qst700201_msg0302 84 Is time to roll up sleeves and get wings flapping!
23 qst700201_msg0401 84 Still need more materials for making of fine hats!
24 qst700201_msg0402 84 If want to make hat with cute trim, first need few materials.
25 qst700201_msg0403 84 Need 4 Cotton Branches, 2 sprigs of Angel's Sage, and 1 Sunflower Rogue!
26 qst700201_msg0404 84 If want to make hat with casual trim, first need few materials.
27 qst700201_msg0405 84 Need 4 Corkscrew Creepers, 3 Panda Pansies, and 1 heap of Floral Soil!
28 qst700201_msg0406 84 These resources only found in Torna and Gormott, so friends will have to search both places to get hands on.