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1 qst700108_msg0001 84 Hey, it's you guys!
2 qst700108_msg0002 84 Thank you so, so much! The Armus are back safely, and it's all thanks to you!
3 qst700108_msg0003 84 Mmmh... *sniffle, sniffle*
4 qst700108_msg0004 84 Oh, come on. Stop crying!
5 qst700108_msg0005 84 I'm... I'm not crying, you're crying! You, you, you dolt...
6 qst700108_msg0006 84 You're so nosy, you know that? Stop sticking your nose in my business!
7 qst700108_msg0007 84 ...What? I was just worried about you! I can't even worry about you?
8 qst700108_msg0008 84 No, you can do whatever you want, I... I... I don't even know what to say...
9 qst700108_msg0009 84 ...Whatever! We're not talking about it!
10 qst700108_msg0010 84 What's important is that our Armus came back home! So, thanks!
11 qst700108_msg0011 84 We can celebrate with a fish feast, right?
12 qst700108_msg0012 84 Yeah! ...But who said there's gonna be enough for you?
13 qst700108_msg0013 84 Ohhhh you...! Who'd even want to come to your stupid party?! You're dumb and I don't even like you, so there!
14 qst700108_msg0014 84 Wh-what did I say?!
15 qst700108_msg0015 84 It seems our work here isn't quite over yet...
16 qst700108_msg0016 84 What do you think, Hugo?
17 qst700108_msg0017 84 Hm? Oh, right. Uhh...
18 qst700108_msg0018 84 ...Frankly, I don't think it's our business.
19 qst700108_msg0019 84 So long as they can keep living their simple lives, laughing and fighting as the occasion merits...
20 qst700108_msg0020 84 ... Oh. Well. I suppose that does come down to us after all, doesn't it?
21 qst700108_msg0021 84 Perhaps so, Majesty, but still...
22 qst700108_msg0022 84 We understand how you feel. However, it may be best to not dwell on that. It can only burden you.
23 qst700108_msg0023 84 He's right, you know. You might wanna try living without thinking, like our pal Addam here.
24 qst700108_msg0024 84 Hahahah! Minoth, you wound me!
25 qst700108_msg0025 84 But Hugo, we're all on the same side. We've got each other's backs now. No harm in relaxing a bit, is there?
26 qst700108_msg0026 84 ...You never change, do you, Addam?
27 qst700108_msg0027 84 Neither do you, old friend.
28 qst700108_msg0028 84 Well, at least you got out of your head.
29 qst700108_msg0029 84 Nobody can keep the weight of all of Alrest on their shoulders. Do us a favor and remember that, at least.