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1 qst700101_msg0001 84 Hmm... What should I do...?
2 qst700101_msg0002 84 Ah! Sorry, I didn't mean to mumble in front of customers! I was miles away.
3 qst700101_msg0003 84 I've got this friend, you see, and lately he's been, I dunno, distant? Absent- minded? Just a bit weird I guess.
4 qst700101_msg0004 84 He's stopped eating his favorite fish dishes, so I know something's up... But he won't talk to me about it.
5 qst700101_msg0005 84 But maybe... Maybe you could get through to him? Would you do that for me?
6 qst700101_msg0006 84 His name is Joey, and you can find him tending to the Armu.
7 qst700101_msg0007 84 Sorry to bother you with a little thing like that. Hopefully, it's nothing at all.
8 qst700101_msg0008 84 Anyhow, thank you so much!
9 qst700101_msg0101 84 I thought you might talk to my friend Joey for me - he tends to the Armus. I hope you won't mind too much?
10 qst700101_msg0102 84 Oh, and if he's got something troubling him, I hope you'll lend him a hand! 'Cos he just won't talk to me at all...