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1 qst660109_msg0001 84 We need to go back to Alrest now.
2 qst660109_msg0002 84 Understood.
3 qst660109_msg0003 84 It doesn't look like we can go with you, so we'll just wait for you here.
4 qst660109_msg0004 84 Take care of yourself, Rex.
5 qst660109_msg0005 84 Sure thing!
6 qst660109_msg0006 84 We'll be back soon enough I'm sure. Keep yourselves occupied, yeah?
7 qst660109_msg0007 84 Will do, Rex. Get back safe.
8 qst660109_msg0008 84 It shouldn't be too long. When we return, I'm sure we'll have need of all three of you!